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In June 2012 reporters started asking questions to lyrics of the upcoming channel ORANGE album, which they had already heard during ‘pre-release listening events’, but questions also arose regarding Frank Ocean’s sexual preference (which is important when reviewing an album?).

In December 2011 Ocean had written a text addressing his feelings for a man as a 19 year old and labelling it his first true love. The initial plan was to publish the text as part of the booklet with channel ORANGE. Due to the questions being asked, Ocean changed his plan and published the text on his Tumblr blog on July 4th, 2012.

The piece was unique within the world of hip-hop, which wasn’t used to these kinds of revelations. Ocean made himself vulnerable and was praised for it. Not only by Def Jam, but also by many colleagues, musicians and Odd Future members.

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Frank Ocean – Tumblr 07/04/2012 message

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