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Cat Power, 06/12/2022

2022-06-12 Cat Power - Covers Tour (beatsperminute.com)

4½/5: And once again Cat Power left a lasting impression following her impressive, intimate and moving concert. Long live Cat Power!

Cat Power, 07/10/2019

Cat Power 07/10/2019 (facebook.com)

4½/5: Cat Power at the top of her game at Paradiso. Beautiful music in a revered venue performed by a relaxed Cat Power, who sang impeccably.

Album yearlist 2018

Album yearlist 2018

Closing of 2018

Closing of 2018. What was good? What wasn’t? What were the main events? What blog stories were favorite? A look back at 2018.

Cat Power – Wanderer

Cat Power made a new record. Once again, fantastic! The story of Wanderer.

Cat Power – Sun

The ninth Cat Power album contains a lot of electronica, which is unique for a Cat Power album. Is that a good sign? Absolutely! A look back.

The best albums made by women

I don’t own many albums made by women. Unfairly, as it seems. While making the best 10-list many are discarded.

Cat Power, 07/06/2016

Cat Power 07/06/2016 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4½/5: A phenomenally good concert. Cat Power at the heights of her powers. Moving, sincere and beautiful. Unforgettable evening.

Album top 50, numbers 50 to 26

On March 14th 2016 I turned 50. In honor of that occasion and to the music my top 50 best albums. Today numbers 50 to 26.

Album yearlist 2012

Album yearlist 2012

Album yearlist 2006

Album yearlist 2006

Album yearlist 2003

Album yearlist 2003

Cat Power, 07/02/2013

Cat Power 07/02/2013 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

1½/5: Unfortunately Cat Power had a bad day. She truly is one of a kind, but not too reliable, which is a pity.