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Claw Boys Claw, 06/02/2023

Claw Boys Claw 06/02/2023 poster (paradiso.nl)

4½/5: After years and years finally a Claw Boys Claw concert again. The band is still good, very good even. A top night with sparkling music and a fine show.

35 years ago the impressive Shocking Shades Of Claw Boys Claw is released

In 1984 the Dutch band Claw Boys Claw from Amsterdam debut with their Shocking Shades Of Claw Boys Claw, an album that was recorded in just three hours, after winning a prize. A look back!

Claw Boys Claw – With Love From The Boys

Claw Boys Claw - With Love From The Boys (discogs.com)

The second album by Claw Boys Claw, With Love From The Boys, is not available anywhere. A disgrace!

My 10 favorite Dutch albums

After many top 10 lists it was about time to present my best Dutch albums. Enjoy!

Pinkpop, 05/19/1986

Pinkpop 05/19/1986 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: The Cure: fantastic closing act to a beautiful Pinkpop day. The sun going down, surrounded by lovely people and all (my personal) favorites being played.

Claw Boys Claw, 11/23/1985

No ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: Claw Boys Claw, saw them play a lot during this time. Fantastic live band.