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1984 is 40 years ago: 40 singles that gave the year its color

I love 1984 - Header (apoplife.nl)

1984 is already 40 years old. A great occasion for compiling a list of 40 singles that helped shape that year!

Birthday gifts

Prince singing Happy Birthday to Cat at Camden Palace London on July 26 1988 (youtube.com)

Through the years I have been given many (musical) presents for my birthday. My sincere gratitude to all who have blessed me with their gifts!

The Cult breaks through with Love!

The Cult - Love (beggars.com)

In 1985 The Cult released their second album Love. It pointed towards the rock band they were about to become, but still had new-wave and goth elements. The story of a great album!

The Manor Sessions: The Cult travels from Love through Peace to Electric

After the, unexpected, big success of Love, The Cult went to work on Peace. The album would never be released. With Rick Rubin the band would release successor Electric. The story!

The best 12-inches

The medium 12-inch or maxi-single became hugely popular during the 1980’s. It created some beautiful music. A (small) inventory.

The greatest albumcovers

Raymond van het Groenewoud - Kamiel In België (allmusic.com)

The greatest albumcovers, plus covers selected by visitors. Nice viewing!

Album yearlist 1985

Album yearlist 1985

The Cult, 10/11/2009

The Cult 10/11/2009 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

2/5: The Cult at half speed (sound wise), with Ian Astbury’s voice being even more out of tune than usual. Disappointment.

Pinkpop, 05/19/1986

Pinkpop 05/19/1986 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: The Cure: fantastic closing act to a beautiful Pinkpop day. The sun going down, surrounded by lovely people and all (my personal) favorites being played.