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Sylvian & Sakamoto release the beautiful Bamboo Houses & Bamboo Music!

Sylvian & Sakamoto - Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music (maxisingle) (discogs.com/apoplife.nl)

In 1982 David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto released their first joint single. Exciting and subtle: Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music!

Quiet Life: Japan changes direction

With the release of Quiet Life Japan went into new musical territory. The story behind the pivot point in the career of the vastly underrated band.

David Sylvian debuts with the beautiful, subdued Brilliant Trees

After the demise of Japan, former bandleader David Sylvian went to work on his debut album. He would unleash his masterpiece Brilliant Trees in June 1984.

1984, the best year for pop music?

5 years ago 1984 was proclaimed to be the best year for pop music. Indeed, the year did spawn many great albums. But was it all really that special?

Japan – Obscure Alternatives

The second Japan album signals a change in course. The band itself doesn’t like looking back on it, but the album holds up surprisingly well.

Japan – Oil On Canvas

Japan – Oil On Canvas: 35 years later still a monumental goodbye to one of the greatest bands of the early 1980’s. A review of one of my all time favorite albums.

Music morning opening junior highschool

In 1983 the music lessons were altered: pop-music was treated seriously and we were allowed to bring our own music to school!

The best debut albums

The best debut albums of all times. Making your debut with a world renowned album is rare. But is it a curse or a blessing?

Japan – Tin Drum

Japan’s Tin Drum: 35 years old! An utterly unique masterpiece by the former glamrock band Japan. A tribute to the best music can produce.

The best 12-inches

The medium 12-inch or maxi-single became hugely popular during the 1980’s. It created some beautiful music. A (small) inventory.

Concerts, top 50

Coming after the album top 50, I present the 50 best concerts I witnessed before my 50th birthday!

Album yearlist 1984

Album yearlist 1984

David Sylvian, 10/11/2001

David Sylvian 10/11/2001 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: A fairly pop oriented concert. Luckily David had brought along brother Steve Jansen; an inspiring sight to behold. A special concert by a very special man.