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Birthday gifts

Prince singing Happy Birthday to Cat at Camden Palace London on July 26 1988 (youtube.com)

Through the years I have been given many (musical) presents for my birthday. My sincere gratitude to all who have blessed me with their gifts!

Fleetwood Mac after Rumours, the only way is Tusk?

Is any band capable of making another classic album after the release of an album like Rumours? Fleetwood Mac tried. Did they succeed?

Singles from my elementary school days

When I was a boy, singles were the indicator for success and a cheap alternative to the (mega) expensive LP. All singles I received as a present or bought myself during my elementary school days.

Album top 50, numbers 25 to 11

On March 14th 2016 I turned 50. In honor of that occasion and to the music my top 50 best albums. Today numbers 25 to 11.

Album decade list 1970-1979

Album decade list 1970-1979

Album yearlist 1977

Album yearlist 1977

Fleetwood Mac, 06/01/2015

Fleetwood Mac 06/01/2015 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

3/5: Less impressive than two years earlier, when Christine McVie was not there.

Fleetwood Mac, 10/07/2013

Fleetwood Mac 10/07/2013 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: Good professional show and it’s indescribable how good Lindsay Buckingham is!