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Kiss makes it big time with Alive!

Kiss - Alive! outtake (fanpop.com)

Early 1975 Kiss and Casablanca had their backs against the wall. Bankruptcy was just around the corner. The band took their last chance with both hands. The gamble paid off, Alive! became a huge success and the band’s career was saved. The story of a double live album that changed everything.

My 10 favorite music movies

Following my favorite soundtracks, here are my favorite music movies. From Woodstock to Whiplash, which music movies did I enjoy most?

The best live albums

What are the best live albums of all time? A selection from my personal collection. My most played, sometimes with the most childhood memories, concert recordings!

Kiss solo albums: Ace Frehley

In 1978 Kiss released four solo albums in one day. The album by the underrated guitar player Ace Frehley was the best, by far. A look back at a unique feat.

Kiss Alive II

Kiss: make-up and simple rock ‘n’ roll. A tribute to the second live/album. Is the music better than the image leads to believe?

Album yearlist 1975

Album yearlist 1975

Kiss, 06/11/1997

Kiss 06/11/1997 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

½/5: Very, very, very bad concert by Kiss, who are known for their (spectacular) show.