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Anti-discriminatie beleid (zorgober.nl)

The Netherlands have voted an extreme-right party into their parliament. A black day. Maybe music can lift our spirits!

Disco – The 20 best singles

Disco - Dancing at Studio 54 1978 (krwg.org)

In 1976 disco really made an impact in The Netherlands. Although it was quickly hated with a vengeance, it was responsible for a huge amount of classics. My best 20!

Marvin Gaye displays his genius: What’s Going On

Marvin Gaye - 1970 (rollingstone.com)

In 1971 Marvin Gaye releases his masterpiece What’s Going On. Despite opposition from his own record label it turned into a huge success. A look back.

Marvin Gaye changes direction: I Want You

Marvin Gaye - I Want You - Billboard (pinterest.com)

In 1976 Marvin Gaye released the beautiful and erotic I Want You, an intimate tribute to his latest lover. A look back.

Breaking up in public: Marvin Gaye’s impressive Here, My Dear

Marvin Gaye’s marriage was over. A remarkable payment arrangement was struck. Here, My Dear was Marvin’s account of this tumultuous period in his life.

Best albums, 1966 – 2017: A Pop Life, 1 year anniversary

In honor of the 1-year anniversary of my blog A Pop Life (My life with music), the list of best albums per year from 1966.

Album top 50, numbers 10 to 1

On March 14th 2016 I turned 50. In honor of that occasion and to the music my top 50 best albums. Today numbers 10 to 1!

Album decade list 1970-1979

Album decade list 1970-1979

Best albums of the 20th century

Best albums of the 20th century

Album yearlist 1978

Album yearlist 1978

Album yearlist 1971

Album yearlist 1971