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Parliament – Flash Light

Parliament – Flash Light: One of the most important and influential singles of all time. How Bernie Worrell made history.

Best albums, 1966 – 2017: A Pop Life, 1 year anniversary

In honor of the 1-year anniversary of my blog A Pop Life (My life with music), the list of best albums per year from 1966.

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic

George Clinton 07/22/2016 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

3½/5: George Clinton’s 75th birthday at Paradiso. One big party!

The greatest albumcovers

The greatest albumcovers, plus covers selected by visitors. Nice viewing!

Album top 50, numbers 50 to 26

On March 14th 2016 I turned 50. In honor of that occasion and to the music my top 50 best albums. Today numbers 50 to 26.

Album decade list 1970-1979

Album decade list 1970-1979

Album yearlist 1975

Album yearlist 1975

Album yearlist 1974

Album yearlist 1974

George Clinton

No ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: The musicians came and went as they pleased and seemingly played a random instrument which may have been audible or not. A truly magnificent evening!