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The best albums made by women

I don’t own many albums made by women. Unfairly, as it seems. While making the best 10-list many are discarded.

Sezen Aksu – Söylüyor

Sezen Aksu, the most important person within Turkish (pop)music of the last decades, in 1989 made this beautiful Söylüyor. A tribute.

Concerts, top 50

Coming after the album top 50, I present the 50 best concerts I witnessed before my 50th birthday!

Album top 50, numbers 50 to 26

On March 14th 2016 I turned 50. In honor of that occasion and to the music my top 50 best albums. Today numbers 50 to 26.

Album yearlist 1990

Album yearlist 1990

Sezen Aksu

4½/5: I am very happy I got to know Sezen Aksu. I have seen her multiple times and this last one was the most moving.

Kardes Turkuler & Sezen Aksu

4/5: Always a great thing to see Sezen Aksu, particularly with Kardes Turkuler!

Sezen Aksu

3½/5: As usual: a good and highly entertaining concert.

Sezen Aksu

4/5: Impressive, my second concert by Sezen Aksu.

Sezen Aksu

4/5: In cooperation with Willem Breuker Collectief, Sezen Aksu provided an impressive show.