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Sheila E, 11/07/2019

Sheila E 11/07/2019 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

3½/5: Sheila E in Alkmaar… An entertaining evening at the Victorie. Sheila E was up for it and the party quickly commenced. However, Prince’s loss is felt in a huge way!

Prince satellites, top 10

Prince’s muse was so enormous; he didn’t just release his music using his own name, but also used multiple pseudonyms. He also gave away a lot. A selection.

Sheila E, 04/06/2015

Sheila E 04/06/2015 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

2½/5: Nice evening with Sheila E. She’s no top entertainer and/or singer, but it was great to be there.

Sheila E & C.O.E.D., 03/12/2007

Sheila E 03/12/2007 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

3½/5: Very nice show by this all female band.