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10 Royalty Songs

Willem Alexander on stage with Dutch DJ's and Maxima in Chicago 2015 (nos.nl)

King’s Day in The Netherlands. A great occasion to compile a ‘royalty’ list. This is a 100% random list and could have been 10 times as long. Please, feel free to add to the list!

The Smiths say goodbye with Strangeways, Here We Come

The Smiths - Strangeways, Here We Come (spotify.com)

In 1987 The Smiths disbanded. Luckily there was the swan song Strangeways, Here We Come. Is it better than its reputation suggests?

The Smiths in the press 1987

The Smiths - Split in the media 1987 (apoplife.nl)

1987 was the year The Smiths disbanded. It garnered a lot of attention, particularly in the English press. A (partial) overview.

The Smiths release their third masterpiece: The Queen Is Dead

The Smiths - Live Manchester 07/19/1986 (rollingstone.com)

In 1986 The Smiths released their third masterpiece. The story of the difficult road to The Queen Is Dead.

The Smiths release their second masterpiece: Meat Is Murder

The Smiths - Meat Is Murder (facebook.com)

Early 1985 The Smiths release their second masterpiece. Meat Is Murder turns out to be a beautiful album that contains a number of timeless Smiths classics. A look back.

The Smiths release their first masterpiece: Hatful Of Hollow

In 1984 The Smiths released their debut album. It was a bit of a letdown. Nine months later Hatful Of Hollow was released. The band lived up to its promise and more. The birth of a true phenomenon!

Album top 50, numbers 10 to 1

On March 14th 2016 I turned 50. In honor of that occasion and to the music my top 50 best albums. Today numbers 10 to 1!

Album yearlist 1986

Album yearlist 1986

Album yearlist 1985

Album yearlist 1985

Album yearlist 1984

Album yearlist 1984