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Stereo MC’s – Connected: irresistable and funky

Stereo MC's - Connected (spotify.com)

In 1992 the Stereo MC’s released their fantastic album Connected. A look back at an unexpected huge hit. The story of an irresistably funky dance and rap album.

Album yearlist 1992

Album yearlist 1992

Stereo MC’s, 11/04/2014

Stereo MC's 11/04/2014 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: Very entertaining evening with the swinging music by Stereo MC’s!

U2, 08/03/1993

U2 08/03/1993 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: The renowned U2 tour. They played some songs off the, at the time, brand new album Zooropa. Good show!