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Prodigy conquered the world in 1997: The Fat Of The Land06/30/2022In 1997 the world waited impatiently for what was slated to be the Nevermind of dance. Was Prodigy's The Fat Of The Land really the expected wonder of the world?
In 1972 Roxy Music gave off their first impression06/16/2022In 1972 Roxy Music released their eponymously titled debut album. The starting point for a wayward, successful and exciting career!
A Real Thing (by guest author Edward)06/10/2022Guest author Edward returns to A Pop Life withe great story about documentaries, music and tolerance. Highly recommended!
Prince And The Revolution – Live06/04/2022In 1985 Prince And The Revolution played to an audience of millions. The audio recordings have been remastered and (finally) released seperately. It's a beautiful document!
Boney M.’s Take The Heat Off Me: childhood sweetheart or sin?06/28/2021In 1976 the brain child of Frank Farian seemed viable after all. From Baby Do You Wanna Bump to founding Boney M.
Joni Mitchell impresses deeply with Blue06/22/2021In 1971 Joni Mitchell released her beautiful, moving and (painfully) honest album Blue. A masterpiece that is still held in high esteem to this very day.
The Smiths release their third masterpiece: The Queen Is Dead06/16/2021In 1986 The Smiths released their third masterpiece. The story of the difficult road to The Queen Is Dead.
The 10 best Janet Jackson singles06/10/2021As a tribute to one the most successful artists of all time, a compilation of the best Janet Jackson singles.
The Gladiators – Trenchtown Mix Up06/04/2021In 1976 many reggae classic were released. One of them was the debut album Trenchtown Mix Up by The Gladiators. The complete story.
My 10 best Joy Division songs06/27/2020It was about time: my 10 most favorite Joy Division songs. Including a short biography on the band and Ian Curtis and playlist!
Black Lives Matter06/22/2020A small selection of new music, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Stop racism now!
Emotional Rescue, the forgotten Rolling Stones album06/20/2020In 1980 The Rolling Stones released the album (and single) Emotional Rescue. The album tends to be overlooked. Unjustly so. The story of a forgotten album.
Neil Young – Homegrown06/19/2020Another great release in Neil Young's ongoing Archives series, the previously unreleased 1975 album Homegrown. An impressive piece of music history.
The first posthumous Joy Division release: Love Will Tear Us Apart06/12/2020In June 1980 Joy Division was no more. Just one month earlier the future seemed bright, but it all changed on May 18th, 1980. The band's first release since that date was the haunting Love Will Tear Us Apart.
Run The Jewels – RTJ4: tribute to victims, protestors and activists06/05/2020The release of RTJ4 came earlier than planned. A great move, because this album is very much needed. The shocking events in the US need perspective. Run The Jewels provide that in an impressive way!
Prince live in 1990, the story of the Nude tour06/02/2020On June 2nd, 1990, Prince launched his Nude Tour in Rotterdam. Following two of his most ambitious tours yet, it was time to relax and have some fun. The main goal was to have a party!
The Gun Club’s superb The Las Vegas Story06/30/2019In 1984 The Gun Club started afresh on their third album The Las Vegas Story. Released in June 1984, it was the best of their career.
David Sylvian debuts with the beautiful, subdued Brilliant Trees06/26/2019After the demise of Japan, former bandleader David Sylvian went to work on his debut album. He would unleash his masterpiece Brilliant Trees in June 1984.
The 10 best Michael Jackson singles06/25/2019Ten years ago Michael Jackson died. Even though it was a public secret he wasn't doing well, his death was still a shock, His 10 best singles in The Netherlands.
Prince reaches the top of the world with Purple Rain, the album, the movie and the tour06/22/2019In 1984 Prince dominated the charts. His album, movie and tour Purple Rain were everywhere. Prince had finally arrived at the place he wanted to be: world domination!
Prince – Theatrical trailer for the movie Purple Rain06/22/2019This article contains the theatrical trailer to the Prince movie Purple Rain. The trailer was made for movie theaters all around the world.
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds debut with the exquisite From Her To Eternity06/18/2019In 1984 Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds debuted with their tensive, exciting and innovative From Her To Eternity. Read the story of the start of a fascinating career!
Get the funk up! Prince and Batman: crown time is over?06/16/2019In 1989 Prince planned to do things a bit more releaxed, until he received a phone call from the producers of a movie. He couldn't resist. The story behind the hit record Batman!
Maria McKee releases her beautiful debut album06/09/2019In 1989 Maria McKee released her debut album. After the Lone Justice years finally new music again by the greatest female singer I know. A look back.
Prince offers direction and instructions on Originals06/07/2019Today, June 7th, 2019, the posthumous Originals by Prince was released on Tidal. The physical release is due within two weeks from now. Nevertheless, a review is available now!
The Waterboys introduce ‘the big music’ on A Pagan Place06/01/2019In 1984 The Waterboys released their second album. It introduced 'the big music' to the world. A Pagan Place is a masterpiece by one of the most interesting and consistent bands of all time.
David Bowie – Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78)06/29/2018Finally a 'real' document of the famous Isolar 2 tour from 1978. Bowie tours behind Low and "Heroes", the best within his body of work. Essential release!
Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back06/28/2018The second Public Enemy album It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back turns 30 years old already! The best hip-hop album of all time? A look back.
Prince – N.E.W.S.06/19/2018In 2003 Prince released 3 instrumental albums. After Xpectation and the great C-Note, N.E.W.S. was added in June. An impressive piece of work. A look back at an album that is not well-known.
Japan – Oil On Canvas06/15/2018Japan - Oil On Canvas: 35 years later still a monumental goodbye to one of the greatest bands of the early 1980's. A review of one of my all time favorite albums.
Prince and the name change06/07/201825 years ago Prince shocked the (music)world. He took on a new name. A symbol that was unpronouncable. Looking back at 6.5 years of controversy.
LCD Soundsystem, the best songs06/02/2018The band that moves me the most in the 21st century is LCD Soundsystem. Never made a bad album, never recorded a bad song and never gave a bad show. Pretty impressive. The 10 best songs!
Prince & The Revolution – Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded06/24/2017The deluxe expanded version of Purple Rain. For the first time since ages once again nervous about a Prince release. Rightfully so?
Danko Jones – Born A Lion06/23/2017Danko Jones' debut-album from 2002 Born A Lion is 35 minutes long ultratight energetic rock 'n' roll played with passion and fire!
King Crimson 1981 – 198406/18/2017I ran into King Crimson's Three Of A Perfect Pair at the library. It connected. A look back on the best King Crimson era.
Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis – Let It Be You06/13/2017Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis made the album Let It Be You in 2016. A beautiful album inspired by Central-African Pygmees!
Joe Jackson – Night And Day06/08/2017Joe Jackson's Night And Day is 35 years old and it still sounds like it was made yesterday. The best (and best selling) album by Jackson, followed by one of the most exciting tours of all time. A classic album, classic concerts!
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Exodus06/03/201740 years ago Bob Marley & The Wailers released the album Exodus. According to many their best or even the best reggae album of all time. Made when Marley was forcibly exiled in England. A review.
Advertising 1967, 1987 & 2017: The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band06/01/2017On June 1st 1967 (50 years ago) The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released. A highlight in the history of (pop)music history. It's definitely not the best Beatles album, but it is their best-known.
The Family Stand – Moon In Scorpio06/24/2016Unknown, unloved. That sadly applies to this album. A masterpiece by a fantastic band with top singer Sandra St. Victor.
Prince, the closing06/22/2016The closing of my Prince tribute. What is the best? What is het worst? An analysis.
Prince Day – State of Minnesota Proclamation06/07/2016State of Minnesota Proclamation: June 7th, 2016: Prince Day!


Billie Eilish, 06/18/202206/18/20224½/5: An unforgettable night in Amsterdam with Billie Eilish, where the hysteria works on the funny bone, but Eilish still comes out on top!
Cat Power, 06/12/202206/12/20224½/5: And once again Cat Power left a lasting impression following her impressive, intimate and moving concert. Long live Cat Power!
The Fatal Flowers, 06/27/201906/27/20194¾/5: Holland's best band, The Fatal Flowers, outdo themselves. A beautiful, scorching hot, moving, unforgettable evening at the Amsterdam Paradiso!
The Fatal Flowers, 06/15/201906/15/20194½/5: A perfect rock evening by the best band The Netherlands have ever known: The Fatal Flowers!
Elton John, 06/08/201906/08/20193½/5: Elton John at the Ziggo Dome during his almost 2.5 year farewell tour. It was fine.
Jay-Z and Beyoncé, 06/20/201806/20/20184/5: Beyoncé was the radiant star in an amazing show. But it was Jay-Z that made the show human and moved (me).
Best Kept Secret Festival, 06/10/201806/10/20184/5: Great day at the Best Kept Secret Festival. LCD Soundsystem was the band to see. And yet again it was an unforgettable concert!
Kamasi Washington, 06/01/201806/01/20184½/5: A beautiful impressive concert by jazz/funk composer and saxophone player Kamasi Washington. A 2 hour show that was exciting and interesting.
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, 06/20/201706/20/20174½/5: And then there was King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. What a show. Rock 'n' roll, tight, hard, extremely fun and good. Top evening!
Best Kept Secret Festival, 06/17/201706/17/20173/5: Nice festival, line-up less so. But Arcade Fire made it all ok. Their show was a very impressive 5 star concert!
Snarky Puppy, 06/05/201706/05/20174/5: Very nice show by Snarky Puppy. Particularly encore 2 was extremely good. Highly recommended!
Neil Young + Promise of the Real, 06/24/201606/24/20164/5: Neil Young was in a great mood; beautiful setlist during a nearly 3 hour concert!
Doe Maar, 06/18/201606/18/20164/5: Together with my sons Rachid and Timur (Timur's first concert).
Television, 06/16/201606/16/20162/5: Had its moments, but essentially it was disappointing.
Neil Diamond, 06/25/201506/25/20153/5: Well, Neil Diamond. Nostalgia, glad I went. Professional show.
Paul McCartney, 06/08/201506/08/20154/5: Part of my bucket-list was seeing Paul McCartney. The concert was magical. He exceeded my expectations on every level. The list of songs he can choose from is immense and when Blackbird is played: goosebumps. The afterglow lasted quite some time!
Fleetwood Mac, 06/01/201506/01/20153/5: Less impressive than two years earlier, when Christine McVie was not there.
Eels, 06/26/201406/26/20144½/5: Eels in a small(er) (more) intimate setting: success guaranteed!
Graham Parker & The Rumour, 06/11/201406/11/20141/5: Bad show, containing too slow non-descript music.
Arcade Fire, 06/10/201406/10/20144/5: Arcade Fire at the top of their game. What a band!
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/29/201306/29/20133½/5: Together with my son Rachid off to Paris to see Bruce; Born in the U.S.A. was played in full. Good concert.
Dead Can Dance, 06/24/201306/24/20132½/5: Nice show.
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/22/201306/22/20134/5: Great concert! Darkness On The Edge Of Town was played in full: top!
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, 06/05/201306/05/20132/5: Less than inspiring show by Neil Young; too much (and too long) feedback...
Jack White, 06/25/201206/25/20123/5: Nice evening.
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/23/200806/23/20085/5: A once in a lifetime experienc at the (indoor) Sportpaleis. The E Street Band seemed to be happy to be playing a more intimate venue and were having the time of their lives!
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/20/199906/20/19993½/5: Bruce at the hideous Gelredome. I vividly remember the encore If I Should Fall Behind: impressive!
Kiss, 06/11/199706/11/1997½/5: Very, very, very bad concert by Kiss, who are known for their (spectacular) show.
Prince, 06/03/199006/03/19904½/5: Topconcert of the (very) sparse Nude tour!
Prince, 06/02/199006/02/19904½/5: Opening of the Nude tour in Rotterdam. Concert was cut short due to torrential rains above De Kuip. I have never had such much fun during a concert!
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/29/198806/29/19885/5: My first Springsteen show. The Tunnel Of Love express tour. From here on out Bruce was one of my favorites.
Pink Floyd, 06/14/198806/14/19882/5: A somewhat dull show. The band wasn't very exciting. Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell were really stunning!
The Ramones, 06/08/198806/08/19884/5: The loudest concert I ever witnessed. But the concert was everything The Ramones were supposed to be!
Prince, 06/21/198706/21/19874½/5: Concert as part of the Sign O’ The Times tour. Due to heavy rains, he unfortunately didn't perform Forever In My Life this night. Still, it was a top show!
Pinkpop, 06/08/198706/08/19873/5: The festival marred by rain, rain and yet more rain, but, for me, the introduction to Lone Justice/Maria McKee!
The Fatal Flowers, 06/11/198606/11/19864/5: The best Dutch band ever, The Fatal Flowers live at the Melkweg.