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The Smiths say goodbye with Strangeways, Here We Come09/28/2022In 1987 The Smiths disbanded. Luckily there was the swan song Strangeways, Here We Come. Is it better than its reputation suggests?
Sudan Archives – Natural Brown Prom Queen09/16/2022On September 9, 2022, Sudan Archives released her second album: the beautiful Natural Brown Prom Queen. Definitely highly recommended!
Kate Bush demanded total freedom and releases The Dreaming09/13/2022In 1982 Kate Bush released her fourth and most controversial album. The story of the fantastic The Dreaming!
The opening of Paisley Park Studios09/11/2022In 1987 the Paisley Park Studios complex was opened in Chanhassen, Minneapolis. It would turn into the main home base for Prince and eventually into his home.
In 1992 Sugar debuts with the peerless Copper Blue09/04/2022In 1992 Bob Mould's new band Sugar debuted with Copper Blue. They gave an unforgettable first impression. The story of an astonishing debut.
Urban Heroes released their Live album in 198109/02/2021In 1980 Dutch band Urban Heroes burst into the scene with a great debut album. One year later Live was released: a beautiful document.
Prince – Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe Edition09/25/2020The long expected re-release of Prince's great 1987 album Sign O' The Times. A review of an impressive release. In one word? Crucial!
At long last Prince’s The Gold Experience is released!09/22/2020Finally, The Gold Experience, Prince's love child sees the light of day. The complete story about an album that sparked controversy. Was it worth it?
Neil Young’s first masterpiece, After The Gold Rush!09/19/2020In 1970 Neil Young was part of a world famous quartet and released his third solo album, the masterpiece After The Gold Rush. The story behind the album.
The end of The Waterboys’ ‘big music’ trilogy: This Is The Sea09/16/2020In 1985 The Waterboys released their third album, This Is The Sea. The album was supposed to deliver on the promise the band had made. Did they succeed?
Kiss makes it big time with Alive!09/10/2020Early 1975 Kiss and Casablanca had their backs against the wall. Bankruptcy was just around the corner. The band took their last chance with both hands. The gamble paid off, Alive! became a huge success and the band's career was saved. The story of a double live album that changed everything.
Prince releases 2 albums in one day: PLECTRUMELECTRUM and ART OFFICIAL AGE09/26/2019In 2014 Prince released two albums in one day, using Warner Bros. as the record company! The story on PLECTRUMELECTRUM and ART OFFICAL AGE!
Bruce Springsteen: 70 years old today!09/23/2019Bruce Springsteen turned 70 years old today. A tribute to the artist by celebrating the stunningly beautiful Racing In The Street!
Arcade Fire debuts with the brilliant Funeral09/14/2019In 2004 Arcade Fire released their debut album. It stunned audiences over the world and was hailed as an instant all-time-classic. Deservedly so? Absolutely! A look back at a brilliant debut.
My 10 favorite music movies09/04/2019Following my favorite soundtracks, here are my favorite music movies. From Woodstock to Whiplash, which music movies did I enjoy most?
Outkast – Aquemini09/29/2018Outkast's third album Aquemini is 20 years old. At the time, the follow-ups Stankonia and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, had yet to be created. The story of a masterpiece.
Funkadelic – One Nation Under A Groove09/22/2018One Nation Under A Groove: the most successful Funkadelic album turns 40 years old. A look back on an essential funk offering.
Prince – Piano & A Microphone 198309/21/2018The first real release after Prince's demise, the Estate delivers Piano & A Microphone 1983, whose recordings have been available for years amongst collectors. A good idea?
Kiss solo albums: Ace Frehley09/18/2018In 1978 Kiss released four solo albums in one day. The album by the underrated guitar player Ace Frehley was the best, by far. A look back at a unique feat.
30 years ago, the most special show I ever witnessed09/09/2018Today, 30 years ago, I witnessed the most special show in my life. Prince played in Dortmund to a predominantly Dutch crowd. The show was broadcast simultaneously!
Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones09/03/2018Early 1983 Tom Waits' caraeer, which was once filled with so much promise, is vitually over. Until he releases Swordfishtrombones!
The best Rolling Stones singles09/29/2017The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band: The Rolling Stones. So much great music. A selection of the 10 best singles. A tribute to The Rolling Stones
How Devo made a classic its own09/27/2017How Devo made a classic its own and received Mick Jagger's blessing. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction the way Devo does it, is a completely new song.
Cody ChesnuTT – The Headphone Masterpiece09/24/2017In 2002 an album was released by an, at the time, unknown Cody ChesnuTT. The impressive kaleidoscopic The Headphone Masterpiece.
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – Stone Killers09/20/2017Prince Charles & The City Beat Band was a funk band which was active at the beginning of the 1980's. They made Stone Killers: an (unknown) classic!
Talking Heads: 7709/16/2017The very first album by Talking Heads: 77. A great album and the start of an impressive career. A look back at their debut.
Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84)09/13/2017Simple Minds' album New Gold Dream (81–82–83–84) from 1982 was the culmination of everything that came before. A timeless classic album by a band that would never again be able to perform at that level.
Neil Young – Hitchhiker09/08/2017In 1976 Neil Young recorded 10 songs in one session. He shelved the album, until now. Hitchhiker is finally released in 2017. A review.
Music morning opening junior highschool09/05/2017In 1983 the music lessons were altered: pop-music was treated seriously and we were allowed to bring our own music to school!
LCD Soundsystem – American Dream09/02/2017LCD Soundsystem was my favorite band of the start of the 21st century. After 7 years new material sees the light of day. Is the reunion really such a good idea?
Prince & The New Power Generation – Diamonds And Pearls09/27/2016The first Prince album to disappoint me: Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls. Looking back on the 25 year-old album.
Queen: my very first music love09/20/2016Queen? Really? Yes, really. Queen is the first music that genuinely felt mine. Loved the music, image, everything! Up until Jazz/Live Killers.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree09/13/2016One of the most moving records I have ever heard. Nick Cave doesn't sweeten his heartfelt sorrow over losing his son. It's a stunningly beautiful and moving record...
Guilty pleasures09/09/2016Guilty pleasures: a strange and peculiar phenomenon. Why the need measure and compare your musical taste to others think? However, the temptation is too big, even for me: a top 10...


Arcade Fire, 09/28/202209/28/20224/5: Despite the conditions, was Arcade Fire able to perform and present a great show? Luckily, they were. A great night at the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.
Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, 09/12/202209/12/20222½/5: The 10 year anniversary of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra was nice, except for the 5 star dance segment, which was otherworldly.
Janelle Monáe, 09/07/201809/07/20184½/5: Very good concert by Janelle Monáe.
LCD Soundsystem, 09/12/201709/12/20175/5: Concert of the year? It seems like it. LCD Soundsystem tore the Paradiso down with a perfect mix of old and new. What a band!
Metallica, 09/06/201709/06/20174/5: Tight show by Metallica. Impressive visuals and high level musicianship. Happy to finally have seen Metallica.
Bryan Ferry, 09/29/201609/29/20164/5: A beautiful, at times moving concert of a visibly enjoying Bryan Ferry, at Paradiso. A few goosebump moments and another top concert richer.
Sufjan Stevens, 09/24/201509/24/20155/5: Beautiful, intimate concert by this undisputed talent and great story teller.
U2, 09/13/201509/13/20154½/5: At the very last moment I bought tickets to this concert and was blown away by an extremely hungry, energetic and motivated U2. By far the best U2 concert I ever witnessed!
Pharrell Williams, 09/23/201409/23/20143/5: Nice show, that really exploded during the N.E.R.D. section halfway through the concert. Unfortunately, too many taped vocals.
Beck, 09/08/201409/08/20143½/5: Good concert by Beck. Really happy he played Debra, off favorite Midnite Vultures.
Peter Gabriel, 09/30/201309/30/20133½/5: Peter Gabriel opening with a very strong set of songs and even adding Family Snapshot: top!
Janelle Monáe, 09/20/201309/20/20134/5: Janelle Monáe in the small intimate People's Place. Energetic, funky show. She does deserve a (much) better band though.
George Michael, 09/14/201209/14/20123½/5: Good show. His voice is still great. Beautiful performances of, amongst others, Cowboys And Angels. Just great.
The Specials, 09/14/201109/14/20114½/5: Completely sold-out Paradiso, end of summer and The Specials giving lots of attention to More Specials. Can life get any better?
Stevie Wonder, 09/15/200809/15/20083½/5: All the hype in the newspapers made me more than curious. Too many ballads and too little funk. But when it was funky, it was amazing!
The Police, 09/14/200709/14/20072/5: Very disappointing concert at the, for concerts, disastrous ArenA.
Bryan Ferry, 09/09/200209/09/20023½/5: Good show by Bryan Ferry. At the end we, including my mother (!), ran for the stage. 🙂
Roxy Music, 09/13/200109/13/20014/5: We had to be there, my sisters, my mother and me. They were great!
The Rolling Stones, 09/05/199809/05/19982/5: Bad show by the Stones.
Michael Jackson, 09/30/199609/30/19961/5: Terrible show by Michael Jackson. Half of it wasn't live and when he did sing it was bad.
Racism Beat It!, 09/18/199309/18/19933/5: Don't remember too much (of the music). Was a great day.
Prince, 09/09/198809/09/19885/5: This concert was special. One of the best shows I ever witnessed.