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Japan – Obscure Alternatives10/27/2018The second Japan album signals a change in course. The band itself doesn't like looking back on it, but the album holds up surprisingly well.
Neil Young – Comes A Time10/21/2018In 1978 Neil Young released the Comes A Time album. It was highly anticipated, for it meant a return to the Harvest sound. A look back at a one-off Neil Young album.
The Waterboys say farewell to ‘the big music’: Fisherman’s Blues!10/17/2018In 1988 The Waterboys surprised a lot of people with their new album Fisherman's Blues. Where had their well-known and popular 'big music' gone? The story about a search for simplicity and honesty.
Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters10/13/2018In 1973 Herbie Hancock released a hybrid album. It unified rhythm and blues, jazz and funk. It was an instant mega success. The story behind the phenomenal Head Hunters!
Cat Power – Wanderer10/05/2018Cat Power made a new record. Once again, fantastic! The story of Wanderer.
Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See10/05/2018In 1993 Mazzy Star releases their second album, the beautiful So Tonight That I Might See, uit. David Roback and Hope Sandoval are victorious. A look back.
King Sunny Adé – Juju Music10/31/2017In 1982 King Sunny Adé released his first (of three) album on Island Records. It was a smash hit. A look back on the African album that conquered the West.
1999: Prince on his way to the top10/27/2017Prince makes his first double-album: 1999. It turned out to be Prince's breakthrough in the US. On his terms with an album that contains a lot of experimental music. Looking back at a crucial album in his career.
Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves10/23/201740 years ago Junior Murvin released the album Police & Thieves. The single carrying the same name became an anthem against police brutality in England and was combined with punk.
Iggy Pop – Lust For Life10/19/201740 years ago Iggy Pop released the adrenaline boost known as Lust For Life as a single. It still is a monumental song that introduced punk to the Dutch kids.
Crass – How Does It Feel10/16/2017In 1982 the Falklands Islands became a reason for war. Crass had something to ask Iron Lady Thatcher: How Does It Feel To Be The Mother Of 1,000 Dead?
Kiss Alive II10/14/2017Kiss: make-up and simple rock 'n' roll. A tribute to the second live/album. Is the music better than the image leads to believe?
The most hated album in jazz: Miles Davis’ On The Corner10/11/2017In 1972 Miles Davis released his funk album On The Corner. One of the most loathed albums of all times. And now we know better...
Bruce Springsteen – Tunnel Of Love10/09/2017Tunnel Of Love is the greatest album Bruce Springsteen made. The following tour was his most special. A story about a failed marriage, new love, beautiful music and the ideal of freedom in East-Germany.
Prince & The New Power Generation – O(+>10/06/2017The new album was partially introduced during the 1992 tour. Was it better than the disappointing Diamonds And Pearls? Unfortunately...
25 years ago: the Bijlmer disaster10/04/2017In 1992 I lived in the Amsterdam Bijlmer when an El-Al airplane crashed on a flat, very near to my house. A shocking experience.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – The Live Anthology10/03/2017As a tribute to Tom Petty who passed away yesterday at the age of 66, a short biography and review of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - The Live Anthology.
Kamasi Washington – Harmony Of Difference10/01/2017After the epic impressive debut The Epic 2 years ago, Kamasi Washington is the jazz-man to keep an eye on. Is that still the case after the release of Harmony Of Difference?
Paisley Park Day – City Of Chanhassen Proclamation10/28/2016Paisley Park Day - City Of Chanhassen Proclamation
Amy Winehouse – Back To Black10/27/2016Family favorite Amy Winehouse - Back To Black is 10 years old. This album still sounds fantastic and still moves, even after listening all those times!
The best 12-inches10/21/2016The medium 12-inch or maxi-single became hugely popular during the 1980's. It created some beautiful music. A (small) inventory.
Prince – The Rainbow Children10/16/201615 years old already: Prince - The Rainbow Childen, a controversial album, but also an artistic highlight. A tribute to an unknown Prince album.
Prince Tribute Day – State of Minnesota Proclamation10/13/2016Prince Tribute Day - State of Minnesota Proclamation
Prince Day – City Of St. Paul Proclamation10/13/2016City of St. Paul Proclamation: October 13th, 2016: Prince Day!
Prince Day – City Of Minneapolis Proclamation10/13/2016City Of Minneapolis Proclamation: October 13th, 2016: Prince Day!
Dead Kennedys10/09/2016Dead Kennedys:live at the Melkweg soon and In God We Trust, Inc. turns 35 years old. A tribute to the American punk band.
Public Enemy – Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black10/01/201625 years ago today Public Enemy's last masterpiece was released: Apocalypse 91...The Enemy Strikes Black. Saw them live at the time: impressive and unforgettable. A tribute to a hip-hop classic!