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Aswad – Live And Direct08/28/2018In 1983 Aswad performed at the Notting Hill Carnival. It was one of the best shows of their entire career and became one the best-known reggae live albums of all time. A look back on a beautiful summer's day.
Herbie Hancock – Future Shock08/18/2018In 1983 a strange video was shown. It featured images and sounds from the future. Herbie Hancock's Rockit and the Future Shock album announced new times.
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton08/08/201830 Years ago gangsta rap came bubbling up from the undergound. N.W.A. released their influential and shocking Straight Outta Compton. Hip-hop would never be the same again.
Cat Power – Sun08/29/2017The ninth Cat Power album contains a lot of electronica, which is unique for a Cat Power album. Is that a good sign? Absolutely! A look back.
What Time Is It? The Story Of The Time08/25/2017The Time: the most beloved, well-known and popular Prince satellite act. In 1982 they released their best album What Time Is It?. Looking back on The Time.
Concert Allah-Las cancelled due to terrorist threat08/23/2017Concert Allah-Las cancelled due to terrorist threat
Richie Havens Sings Beatles And Dylan08/20/2017Richie Havens Sings Beatles And Dylan caused a major division between music lovers, and it still does to this day. Why?
Compact Disc turns 3508/17/2017Compact Disc turns 35
David Bowie – Cracked Actor08/16/2017David Bowie's 1974 tour released in a beautiful document. Given Bowie´s state at the time it is amazing he could stand, let alone give this kind of great shows.
Elvis Presley, 01/08/1935 – 08/16/197708/16/2017Elvis Presley, 01/08/1935 - 08/16/1977
Vanity 6: sex sells, or something more?08/11/2017In 1982 the album by Vanity 6 was released. 35 years ago Prince's second satellite act was launched. Is it just about the lingerie or is there more? A look back.
Marilyn Monroe, after 55 years still ‘forever young’08/05/2017Marilyn Monroe and music. Do the two go together? A (small) inquiry and the tale of her one and only musical tour in Korea 1954.
Sezen Aksu – Söylüyor08/29/2016Sezen Aksu, the most important person within Turkish (pop)music of the last decades, in 1989 made this beautiful Söylüyor. A tribute.
Paisley Park Museum – City Of Chanhassen08/24/2016Paisley Park Museum - City Of Chanhassen
30 years ago, the best show I ever witnessed08/18/20161986 was an important year. I turned 20 years old, moved to Amsterdam into a (spaceous) flat. I bought my first cd-player and on August 18th I went to a concert that would resound for years to come: Prince & The Revolution at Ahoy Rotterdam.