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Prince – 1999 Super Deluxe Edition11/29/2019It's finally here: the 1999 Super Deluxe Edition. A superb re-release of the stunning 1999 album, containing lots of grade A extra material!
Timur’s top ten best songs of all time (by guest author Timur)11/24/2019Excactly two years ago my son Timur published his top 10 best songs. He feels his list is no longer correct. So: a newly edited list, here on A Pop Life!
In 1974 Genesis releases the masterful The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway11/18/2019In 1974 Genesis released their master piece The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. A groundbreaking album, on several levels. A look back at the last Genesis album featuring Peter Gabriel.
The Smiths release their first masterpiece: Hatful Of Hollow11/12/2019In 1984 The Smiths released their debut album. It was a bit of a letdown. Nine months later Hatful Of Hollow was released. The band lived up to its promise and more. The birth of a true phenomenon!
In 1979 Crass release their ultimate statement: Stations Of The Crass11/04/2019In 1979 Crass released their second album. Stations Of The Crass bought the band's ideology, conviction, rage and optimism home, with a vengeance. And successfully as well!
The live album by Siouxsie And The Banshees: Nocturne11/25/2018In 1983 Siouxsie And The Banshees released the live double album Nocturne. At last it clicked. The story of Siouxise and Robert Smith's help.
Without Eno Roxy Music makes the album Stranded: their best?11/23/2018Before Roxy Music started recordings for their third album, Brian Eno was fired. Did it impact their third album, Stranded?
Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe11/18/2018Five years ago I bought the second Blood Orange based on reading reviews alone. They promised something beautiful. A look back at the Cupid Deluxe.
Queen and fascism: the Jazz album11/10/2018Following the release of the Jazz album, Queen was called a fascist band. A preposterous statement. In search of the story behind the seventh Queen album.
My 10 favorite Dutch albums11/03/2018After many top 10 lists it was about time to present my best Dutch albums. Enjoy!
Mama, 1943 – 201211/30/2017Five years ago today, my mother passed away. Too young, too soon and completely unexpected.
My 10 best songs of all time11/24/2017This year my son asked me if I had published my 10 best songs yet. Why not was the next question. Hereby I present my list.
Timur’s 10 best songs of all time (by guest author Timur)11/24/2017This year my son asked me if I had published my 10 best songs yet. Why not was the next question. Hereby I present my son's list.
Donny Hathaway – Live11/22/2017Donny Hathaway's Live is one of the best live albums of all times by one of the best soul singers of all time. A story about beautiful music and a premature death.
Peter Tosh – Equal Rights11/17/2017In 1977 Peter Tosh releases his second solo-album. It is highly successful. Equal Rights is a political album and a classic with reggae. A look back.
Mick Karn – Titles11/12/2017Mick Karn's first solo-album coincided with the unfortunate disintegration of Japan. Karn makes his bass talk on the album and that makes for an astounding result.
Lou Reed – Transformer11/08/2017Lou Reed's Transformer is 45 years old. A milestone in the career of Reed. With the help from David Bowie and Mick Ronson it turned into a classic!
Culture – Two Sevens Clash11/05/2017And once again a classic reggae album from 1977: Culture's Two Sevens Clash. The title song kept the half of Jamaica inside. Why? Read the article!
Neil Young – Harvest Moon11/02/2017Is Neil Young's 1992 album Harvest Moon the sequel to his 1972 album Harvest? A look back at a classic Neil Young album at the time he got his mojo back.
Dedicated To Mama11/30/2016Dedicated to mama, 4 years after her unexpected passing: Roxy Music's Psalm.
Strongest & best-known band & artist logos11/25/2016Music and branding go together, more and more. Logos are a part of that. An inventory of the strongest & best known band & artist logos.
Prince – 4Ever11/22/2016Prince - 4Ever: first posthumous release...
Prince – Emancipation11/19/2016With the release of Emancipation Prince celebrated his liberation from his contract with Warner Bros. It became a 3 hour-long, 36 song album, divided by 3-discs. 20 years ago today. A look back.
Japan – Tin Drum11/13/2016Japan's Tin Drum: 35 years old! An utterly unique masterpiece by the former glamrock band Japan. A tribute to the best music can produce.
Leonard Cohen – Greatest Hits11/11/2016Leonard Cohen's Greatest Hits is a kind of soundtrack to my youth: beautiful songs. A (small) tribute to the Artist (with a capital A).
The Cure: 35 years of Faith11/09/2016In honor of 35 years of depression and beauty, a tribute to the album Faith, the best album within the entire body of work by The Cure!
Lone Justice, an introduction to Maria McKee11/05/2016Lone Justice: How two albums and a great Pinkpop show can lead to a lifelong fascination with everything Maria McKee does.
Emancipation? No, thank u!11/18/19961996: Emancipation has just been released. I post this review in newsgroup Nice to re-read this after all those years!


Altın Gün11/28/20192/5: This was not Altın Gün's night. Dispassionate, grumpy, the atmosphere was way off. Too bad.
Underworld11/23/20194½/5: Underworld conquers the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome effortlessly. A fantastic evening with perfect sound, impressive lighting and a phenomenal setlist.
Taksim Trio11/15/20194/5: Surprisingly good show by Taksim Trio, which consists of three Turkish virtuosos. Lots of Sezen Aksu!
Ibrahim Maalouf11/10/20194/5: Ibrahim Maalouf at a delirious Paradiso with an 11 piece band on a heightened stage. At times breathtakingly beautiful.
Sheila E11/07/20193½/5: Sheila E in Alkmaar... An entertaining evening at the Victorie. Sheila E was up for it and the party quickly commenced. However, Prince's loss is felt in a huge way!
Patrick Watson11/30/20184½/5: Yet another unforgettable evening at Paradiso. Superior music by the Canadian Patrick Watson.
Father John Misty11/05/20184½/5: Father John Misty, the troubadour with his humour, superior lyrics and moving scenes, was glorious at Paradiso!
David Byrne11/04/20185/5: David Byrne in a show that crushed the competition and pre show expectations. An overwhelming experience!
Thundercat11/17/20172/5: How a sound man can kill a concert. After having released one of the best records this year: a major disappointment...
Spoon11/10/20173/5: Spoon wasn't really convincing at Paradiso. Halfway through the band had lost me completely. But when the fire did shine through, they were wonderful. Expected way more.
Michael Kiwanuka11/25/20163½/5: A fine concert with musicians who were visibly enjoying themselves. Some songs lasted too long and the set lacked some punch. The last song was Sometimes It Snows In April.
The Human League11/18/20163/5: Not really good, but still a lot of fun. They have some good songs within their body of work. The Lebanon was one of the highlights!
The Cure11/13/20164/5: Beautiful concert, at times impressive even. A few big suprises this evening, like Other Voices and the entire first encore. Great evening!
Lianne La Havas11/30/20154/5: Lianne La Havas succeeded in silencing Paradiso completely with her fragile songs and on their feet with her funky work. Impressive!
Simple Minds11/23/20152½/5: First set was very good; second set and encores less so. The American was a nice surprise!
Hot Chip11/16/20153½/5: Very nice show by an extremely likable band.
Bob Dylan11/05/20153½/5: Really happy I got see Dylan!
The Specials11/26/20143/5: Despite the many songs off personal favorite More Specials, it still was a rather disappointing concert.
Bryan Ferry11/18/20142½/5: It seemed as if Bryan Ferry was ill or at the very least had a cold. Still a great evening, even though the music could (and should) have had more punch.
Stereo MC’s11/04/20144/5: Very entertaining evening with the swinging music by Stereo MC's!
Queens Of The Stone Age11/26/20132/5: Very disappointing Queens Of the Stone Age.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds11/17/20134½/5: Following the stunningly good concert of 11/04/2013, I immediately tried getting tickets for this evening, which, miraculously, was successful. Blown away, once again!
Foals11/10/20132½/5: Very strange show: upon entering the stage the stroboscope was swithced on and never went off. More than half of the show was unwatchable...
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds11/04/20135/5: It had been 24 years since I had last seen Nick Cave. Nothing could have prepared me for this show. I was completely blown away. Impressive!
Smashing Pumpkins11/08/20114/5: New music by Smashing Pumpkins, of which Billy Corgan was really proud. And rightfully so: good show!
Prince11/18/20104/5: Extremely good concert. Before the 'regular' set Prince played quite a lot of songs with all the house lights still on. A party concert.
Prince11/08/20105/5: The regular setlist was thrown out the window and the first song played was an extremely funky Controversy. One of the most special Prince evenings of my life!
Editors11/08/20094/5: Topconcert at (relatively) small venue. Introduction to new material.
Arcade Fire11/13/20074½/5: Favorite since debut Funeral. This concert was in promotion of The Neon Bible. At the end of the show it almost seemed like the venue had lift off. Beautiful!
Prince11/03/20025/5: Aftershow by Prince that ended strangely, but contained a number of gems, like the opening jam and an exquisite extremely funky I Know You Got Soul.
Prince11/02/20024/5: A number of great surprises (Don't Play Me and The Ride) at the soundcheck and the concert. Very good.
The Waterboys11/22/20002½/5: A rather uninspiring show by the Waterboys.