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PIL and the great Album01/27/2021In 1986 Public Image Limited (PIL), consisting of the most unlikely line-up ever, released their fifth studio album. The story of Album!
D’Angelo astonishes the music world with Voodoo01/25/2020The new millennium isn't even 4 weeks old yet when the first masterpiece is released: D'Angelo's Voodoo is a rare and beautifiul piece of art. A look back!
Aart Staartjes 1938-202001/12/2020Today Aart Staartjes passed away. My childhood hero is no more.
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead01/26/201940 years ago Bauhaus 1919 went into the studio for the first time. The first song they ever recorded became an anthem and the start of a new musical genre. An extraordinary story.
Antony And The Johnsons – The Crying Light01/19/2019In 2009 Antony And The Johnsons released their third album. A triumph. A beautiful, moving album. And, why is Beyoncé involved?
1984, the best year for pop music?01/13/20195 years ago 1984 was proclaimed to be the best year for pop music. Indeed, the year did spawn many great albums. But was it all really that special?
Prince – Crystal Ball / The Truth / Kamasutra01/29/20183 albums. 5 cd's, 1 release: Prince is self-supporting and we shall know about it as well. Was it the right choice? Did the music suffer from the entrepreneurship? A look back.
Foxygen – We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic01/22/2018Foxygen released the single San Fransisco 5 years ago. And then the wait for the album began. We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic proved to be a beautiful album. A look back.
Fischer-Z 1979-198101/17/2018Fischer-Z 1979-1981: The story on the first incarnation of John Watts' band. From Word Salad and Going Deaf For A Living to Red Skies Over Paradise.
Parliament – Flash Light01/10/2018Parliament - Flash Light: One of the most important and influential singles of all time. How Bernie Worrell made history.
Prince – C-Note01/04/2018C-Note: Within 3 days after Xpectation another new Prince album? European and Japanese soundcheck recordings from the One Nite Alone... Tour 2002!
Prince – Xpectation01/01/2018All of a sudden, on New Year's day 2003, a new Prince album was released, exclusively available to members of the NPG Music Club. A jazz album with special guest Vanessa Mae.
The ugliest albumcovers01/29/2017After the greatest, now the ugliest albumcovers, including on not in my possession, expanded with visitors' covers. Great watching!
Madhouse: Prince and jazz01/21/2017Prince and jazz: Madhouse, the interesting and good project that resulted in two beautiful albums in 1987, 30 years ago: a tribute!
Daft Punk – Homework01/17/2017Daft Punk's Homework turns 20 years old. Considered a classic, almost from day one. One of my first dance albums.
David Bowie 1947-2016 & Low and “Heroes” 40 years old01/08/2017David Bowie died a year ago in January of 2016: a great artist. Albums Low and "Heroes" turn 40 years old in 2017. A tribute to one of the all-time greats and to his two best albums. And more!
Closing of 201601/01/2017Closing of 2016. What was good? What wasn´t? What were the main events? Which stories were the favorites? A look back at a year, that got off to a very good start.


Rufus Wainwright01/05/20174½/5: An impressive concert in a perfect ambiance.
Lucinda Williams01/27/20163/5: Good and solid concert.
Kraftwerk01/18/20154½/5: Kraftwerk playing Trans-Europe Express. An impressive experience at Paradiso, quadraphonic sound, beautiful animations. Really happy I got to see this.
Kraftwerk01/16/20154½/5: Kraftwerk playing Autobahn. An impressive experience at Paradiso, quadraphonic sound, beautiful animations. Really happy I got to see this.
D’Angelo01/31/20124½/5: After years and years of waiting suddenly news broke that D’Angelo was coming to Amsterdam. I had to be there: and rightfully so: such musicality. Lots of new, unknown, promising work.
fDeluxe01/20/20123/5: The Family were reunited, using the moniker fDeluxe. Concert was nice, got to see Eric Leeds live again, which is always a pleasure.
The Bevis Frond01/13/20123½/5: Really nice show by a great no-nonsense band.
Sezen Aksu01/29/20074/5: Impressive, my second concert by Sezen Aksu.
George Clinton01/22/19904/5: The musicians came and went as they pleased and seemingly played a random instrument which may have been audible or not. A truly magnificent evening!
The Fatal Flowers01/17/19874/5: The best Dutch band ever, The Fatal Flowers live at De Koog.