All future articles

This page contains all future articles including their repective publish dates. Please be advised that this information is liable to change: the further away in time, the less fixed the dates and subjects are.

Long term planning

Prodigy conquered the world in 1997: The Fat Of The Land
Frank Ocean – Tumblr blog 07/04/2012
Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE
In memoriam: John Coltrane 1926-1967
Sylvian & Sakamoto release the beautiful Bamboo Music & Bamboo Houses!
In memoriam: Fela Kuti 1938-1997
Crass – A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums
Crass became ambitious in 1982: Christ – The Album
In memoriam: Peter Tosh 1944-1987
In memoriam: Marc Bolan 1947-1977
In memoriam: Jaco Pastorius 1951-1987
In memoriam: Michael Hutchence 1960-1997
In memoriam: Otis Redding 1941-1967
In memoriam: Joe Strummer 1952-2002
In memoriam: Eddie Hazel 1950-1992

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