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This page contains all future articles including their repective publish dates. Please be advised that this information is liable to change: the further away in time, the less fixed the dates and subjects are.

Long term planning

Prince – Google’s most searched guitar solo
David Bowie changes course towards (plastic) soul: Young Americans
Frank Sinatra’s forgotten masterpiece Watertown
Van Halen’s third album slams: Women And Children First
And yet another Public Enemy hip-hop classic, Fear Of A Black Planet
Prince goes psychedelic on Around The World In A Day
Linton Kwesi Johnson’s masterpiece Bass Culture
Devo – Freedom Of Choice
Emotional Rescue, the forgotten Rolling Stones album
Live Aid, the day the world cared (and wanted to see music)
The Family, the ultimate Prince satellite project
Kiss makes it big time with Alive!
At long last Prince does release the fantastic The Gold Experience
More Specials, the best album of 1980?
Prince starts his genius run with the fantastic Dirty Mind
Japan – Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Kate Bush makes her comeback with the beautiful Aerial
Bob Marley And The Wailers Live!, the best live album of all time?
The Clash top themselves with the stunning Sandinista!

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