Joni Mitchell impresses deeply with Blue

Joni Mitchell 1970 (

In 1971 Joni Mitchell released her beautiful, moving and (painfully) honest album Blue. A masterpiece that is still held in high esteem to this very day.

The Smiths release their third masterpiece: The Queen Is Dead

The Smiths - Live Manchester 07/19/1986 (

In 1986 The Smiths released their third masterpiece. The story of the difficult road to The Queen Is Dead.

The 10 best Janet Jackson singles

Janet Jackson - The 10 best singles (

As a tribute to one the most successful artists of all time, a compilation of the best Janet Jackson singles.

The Gladiators – Trenchtown Mix Up

The Gladiators playing guitar (

In 1976 many reggae classic were released. One of them was the debut album Trenchtown Mix Up by The Gladiators. The complete story.

Miles Davis – An introduction

Miles Davis 1970s (

As a tribute to the greatest jazz musician that has ever lived, the 10 best/most highly recommended albums by Miles Davis.

Marvin Gaye displays his genius: What’s Going On

Marvin Gaye - 1970 (

In 1971 Marvin Gaye releases his masterpiece What’s Going On. Despite opposition from his own record label it turned into a huge success. A look back.

Grace Jones and the influential Nightclubbing

Grace Jones - Live (

In 1981 Grace Jones released the beautiful Nightclubbing, an influential album that put her on the map. A look back.

The Mighty Diamonds – Right Time

The Mighty Diamonds - Right Time (

In 1976 The Mighty Diamonds released their impressive Right Time. The story of an undisputed reggae classic!

Prince – The 15 best albums!

Prince - 15 Best Albums - Header (

This time the A Pop Life panel pondered the question which Prince album was the best of them all and came up with the ultimate list!

Prince 1958-2016: 5 years later

Prince IM 5 years (

How does the A Pop Life Panel view 5 years without Prince? Six personal memories, stories and impressions!