Urban Heroes released their Live album in 1981

Urban Heroes 1981 (musiccollections.nl)

In 1980 Dutch band Urban Heroes burst into the scene with a great debut album. One year later Live was released: a beautiful document.

Army Of Lovers and the ultracamp of Massive Luxury Overdose

Army Of Lovers 1991 (pinterest.com)

In 1991 Army Of Lovers had their major break through in Europe. It was campy, humourous, ironic and uplifting. Was that all though?

Prince & The Revolution overwhelm The Netherlands

Prince & The Revolution overwhelm The Netherlands - Header (apoplife.nl)

On August 18, 1986 I witnessed Prince live for the very first time. I wasn’t prepared for this overwhelming, exciting and pure genius show!

Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires

Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (resolutionrecords.co.uk)

The story about the fantastic reggae dub classic Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires!

Sinatra At The Sands

Frank Sinatra - Sinatra At The Sands (spotify.com)

In 1966 Frank Sinatra released his first live album. A definite highlight, the story about Sinatra At the Sands.

Roxy Music and the superb Viva!

Roxy Music - Live 1975/76 (youtube.com)

Following five studio albums in three years, Roxy Music needed a short break, but not without almost thoughtlessly releasing one of the best live albums of all time: Viva! Roxy Music.

Disco – The 20 best singles

Disco - Dancing at Studio 54 1978 (krwg.org)

In 1976 disco really made an impact in The Netherlands. Although it was quickly hated with a vengeance, it was responsible for a huge amount of classics. My best 20!

Prince and North Sea Jazz in 2011: three unforgettable nights in Rotterdam

Prince - North Sea Jazz 2011 (northsejazz.com)

In 2011 Prince performed three nights in a row at the Dutch North Sea Jazz festival. The story of an unforgettable experience!

Prince fulfills his contract on Chaos And Disorder?

Prince - Chaos And Disorder (spotify.com)

In 1996 Warner Bros. released the TAFKAPrince album Chaos And Disorder. Was it just filler to fulfill contractual obligations?

The musical inspiration from my father (by guest author Timur)

APopLife 5 years (apoplife.nl)

My son wrote an article: today the A Pop Life blog has its 5th anniversary. Thank you Timur for your wonderful story!