The Family, the ultimate Prince satellite project

The Family (

In 1985 The Family, a Prince sattelite act, released their debut. The album was and is a great example of the crossroads Prince found himself at. Impressive and innovative!

Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In the Heart

Deee-Lite in The Netherlands 1991 (

On August 7th, 1990, Deee-Lite debuted with their stunning World Clique album. It contained one of the biggest hits of the decade: Groove Is In The Heart. A look back.

Zapp, revolutionary electro funk pioneers

Zapp's classic singles More Bounce To The Ounce & Dance Floor (

On July 28th, 1980, the influential electro funk band Zapp released their debut album. More Bounce To The Ounce was the start of an interesting and tragic career.

Lianne La Havas (by guest author Timur)

Timur bought the Lianne La Havas cd (

My 11 year old son is crazy about Lianne La Havas’ music. So much so that he wrote a story about her on his blog. He luckily agreed to publsih it here as well. Have fun!

Joy And Pain, the story of Maze

Maze - Joy And Pain (

In 1980 Maze release their fourth album, the exquisite Joy And Pain. A look back at the album and the career of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly!

Live Aid, the day the world cared (and wanted to see music)

Live Aid Posters (

On July 13th, 1985, the most important and impressive concert of the 1980s took place in London and Philadephia: the benefit concert Live Aid. A look back.

Live Aid in the Dutch press

Live Aid - de Volkskrant 07/12/1985 (

Live Aid was the ultimate live event in the 1980s. A lot was written about it, in the Dutch press as well. A small selection of publications in 1985.

Sufjan Stevens releases his beautiful and moving Illinois

Sufjan Stevens 2005 (

In 2005 Sufjan Stevens impresses music lovers around the world with the stunningly beautiful and impressive Illinois. A true masterpiece that will never lose its magic.

My 10 best Joy Division songs

Joy Division - Subway by Anton Corbijn (

It was about time: my 10 most favorite Joy Division songs. Including a short biography on the band and Ian Curtis and playlist!

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter (

A small selection of new music, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Stop racism now!