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The New Power Generation debuts with Goldn****

The New Power Generation - Goldnigga (prince.com)

In 1993 The New Power Generation’s debut album Goldn**** was released. What was Prince’s role in it all? A look back.

Newpower Soul: music by New Power Generation or Prince/The Artist?

New Power Generation - Newpower Soul (discogs.com)

In 1998 the Newpower Soul album was released by New Power Generation. But, isn’t it just another Prince album? A look back.

Birthday gifts

Prince singing Happy Birthday to Cat at Camden Palace London on July 26 1988 (youtube.com)

Through the years I have been given many (musical) presents for my birthday. My sincere gratitude to all who have blessed me with their gifts!

North Sea Jazz Festival, 07/09/2017

North Sea Jazz festival 07/07-08-09/2017 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

4/5: Day 3 of North Sea Jazz 2017: New Power Generation and karaoke-Prince. And the great Jacob Collier and 77 (!) year old Mavis Staples.

Prince satellites, top 10

Prince’s muse was so enormous; he didn’t just release his music using his own name, but also used multiple pseudonyms. He also gave away a lot. A selection.

Album yearlist 1995

Album yearlist 1995