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Yes Sir, I Will: Crass on its way out

Crass - Live Cumbria May 1984 (wikipedia.org/rockchix.canalblog.com)

In March 1983 Crass released one of the most unlistenable albums of all time: Yes Sir, I Will. And yet, it was still impressive. The complete story!

Crass became ambitious in 1982: Christ – The Album

Crass - Live 100 Club 06/09/1981 (youtube.com)

In 1982 Crass released the boxset Christ – The Album: 15 new songs, a live album, a poster nad a booklet. Impressive!

Crass – A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums

Crass - A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums (darkentriesrecords.com)

Subarticle that contains the full first article from the pamphlet ‘A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums’, which was part of Crass’s fourth album Christ – The Album.

Merry Crassmas

Crass - Merry Crassmas (single) (45cat.com)

In 1981 the English anarcho-punk collective released a Christmas single in ‘true’ festive style: Merry Crassmas!

Crass, Freud and feminism: Penis Envy

Crass - Live (vocals Eve Libertine & Joy de Vivre) (twitter.com)

In 1981 Crass released their third album, the anarcho punk feminist Penis Envy. A look back at a brilliant album!

Closing Of 2019

Closing of 2019. What was good? What wasn’t? What were the main events? What blog stories were favorite? A look back at 2019.

In 1979 Crass release their ultimate statement: Stations Of The Crass

In 1979 Crass released their second album. Stations Of The Crass bought the band’s ideology, conviction, rage and optimism home, with a vengeance. And successfully as well!

Crass – The Feeding Of The 5000

At the end of the 1970’s Crass started her full-on attack on society. The Feeding Of The 5000 was their first feat. An anarchopunk classic!

Crass – How Does It Feel

In 1982 the Falklands Islands became a reason for war. Crass had something to ask Iron Lady Thatcher: How Does It Feel To Be The Mother Of 1,000 Dead?

Strongest & best-known band & artist logos

Music and branding go together, more and more. Logos are a part of that. An inventory of the strongest & best known band & artist logos.

Album yearlist 1979

Album yearlist 1979

Steve Ignorant (Crass), 10/15/2010

Crass 10/15/2010 concert ticket (apoplife.nl)

3½/5: Good to have seen Steve Ignorant at least one time. The Crass songs were played with true conviction.