Dead Kennedys, 10/17/2016

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Artist Dead Kennedys
Tour name  
Date 10/17/2016
Venue Melkweg
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


The support act Petrol Girls wasn’t really good, but had its heart at the right place, were sincere and sympathetic. Nice to see.

And then Dead Kennedys. Barring singer Jello Biafra, the band was complete. He was missed, but his replacement did really well. It was great to hear all those great songs of (particularly) Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables live after all this time. Good band. What stood out was the ‘surf’ element in the music. It never really struck me before. Very happy to have seen them.


Forward to Death / Winnebago Warrior / Police Truck / Let’s Lynch the Landlord / Kill The Poor / MP3 Get Off The Web / Too Drunk to Fuck / Moon Over Marin / Nazi Punks Fuck Off / California Über Alles

Bleed for Me / Viva Las Vegas / Holiday in Cambodia

Encore 2:
Chemical Warfare / Sweet Home Alabama

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