Ibrahim Maalouf, 11/10/2019

Ibrahim Maalouf Tour Header 11/10/2019 (ibrahimmaalouf.com)

Concert information

Artist Ibrahim Maalouf
Tour name S3NS Tour
Date 11/10/2019
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


At times breathtakingly beautiful concert by master trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf. From soft to extremely heavy, from total control to controlled anarchy. Maalouf, with an 11 (!) piece band on the (heightened) Paradiso stage, delivered a great evening to a delirious audience that danced during the entire show. Only flaw: the sing along moments. 

Will definitely go next time again, when he will hopefully give more attention to his Arabic roots!



S3NS / Una Rosa Blanca / Radio Magallanes / Beirut / Red & Black Light / Maeva In Wonderland / Happy Face / Für Elise / N.E.G.U.

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