North Sea Jazz Festival

Concert information

Festival North Sea Jazz Festival
Date 07/09/2016
Venue Ahoy
City Rotterdam
Country The Netherlands
Line-up Steven Wilson, Jacob Collier, Arturo O’Farrill, Level 42, Gallant, St. German, Anderson .Paak, Jungle By Night, Ibrahim Maalouf


Absolute top day: seen many great things!


Artist Seen whole show? Rating
Steven Wilson No
Jacob Collier No
Arturo O’Farrill No
Level 42 No
Gallant Yes
St. Germain No
Anderson .Paak Yes
Jungle By Night No
Ibrahim Maalouf Yes

Gallant and Ibrahim Maalouf were surprises for me. The two highlights were exceptional: Jacob Collier, a huge talent with his own unique style. Hope to see and hear much more form him. As expected, Anderson .Paak delivered on his promise: definite highlight of the 2016 edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival!

I would like to see Jungle By Night once more in a smaller venue and glad to have seen St. Germain.

Special attention to Steven Wilson: lowlight, one of the reasons behind punk’s reason still exists today, and his name is…

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20160708-10 North Sea Jazz

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