The Fatal Flowers, 01/17/1987

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Artist The Fatal Flowers
Tour name  
Date 01/17/1987
Venue De Koog
City Noord-Scharwoude
Country The Netherlands


The fantastic Dutch band The Fatal Flowers. Have seen them many times!


Ballroom / Well Baby / Billy / Gimme Some Truth / Little Man / Cryin’ Over Sin / Younger Days / Blackspot / White Mustang / Deep Inside / Don’t Cry No Tears / Midnight Train / Rock and Roll Star / For Christ Sake / Nowhere To Lay My Head / Rip Off / Another Girl, Another Planet / Fatal Flower / Ridin’ On The L&N / We Thought They Loved You / Can’t Get Enough

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    • alex on 09/28/2021 at 6:14 AM
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    A fine band they were, indeed… I happened to be there when Mick Ronson joined them for Suffragette City at their 1989 gig in Margraten. A tent in a field in the countryside of ZuidLimburg, not too many people, and most of them didn‘t even know or care who that blonde guitarist was who suddenly appeared at the end of the set… it was unreal …. a great rock‘n‘roll moment…

    1. Wow, that really was a great moment to witness!

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