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Hanging Gardens, the debut album by Classixx, is five years old already. I don’t remember exactly how I came about this album. I had read about it, but don’t know where. It sounded interesting, so I bought it. Never regretted it.


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Classixx is an electronic production team that consist of Michael David and Tyler Blake. They both hail from Los Angeles. They have been making music since 2007, but were somewhat afraid of compiling an album. Who would want that?

At first they were noticed by being present all the time within the Internet remix circuit. They worked using aliases, like Young Americans. But remixing is not the same as writing your own songs and creating music. Were they able to pull it off?

Hanging Gardens

Classixx - Hanging Gardens (

Classixx – Hanging Gardens

The album was recorded at Classixx’ own studio. Guest appearances feature (LCD Soundsystem’s) Nancy Whang, Active Child, Sarah Chernoff, Jeppe and Jesse Kivel. The duo did ensure that their own input was the primary influence and that the songs did have some consistency. They didn’t want a collection of great songs, without any connection.

The goal was to make an album that was more than ‘a dance record from beginning to end’, but was dance-able nonetheless. It had to be a ‘feel good’ album. A lot of attention was given to the way the album flowed and the right track order of the songs. Where to place the instrumental songs and where to put the vocal ones?

The press reacted largely positive. The influential Pitchfork was very positive about both the album and its singles.

The album proved to be quite successful as well. The initial fears Classixx had, turned out to be unfounded.

Classixx - All You're Waiting For - video (

Classixx – All You’re Waiting For – video


Holding On, All You’re Waiting For en Stranger Love were released as singles, which were all accompanied by a video. The second single, All You’re Waiting For got he most attention. The song was received enthusiastically. The entertaining clip starred Nancy Whang, playing the part of an extremely rich woman on a yacht with jewelry, gowns, puppies, martinis and dancing shirtless sailors. The message being that all those things doesn’t provide happiness. The video was well received also.


  • Hanging Gardens
  • All You’re Waiting For (featuring Nancy Whang)
  • Holding On
  • Rhythm Santa Clara
  • Dominoes
  • A Fax From The Beach
  • Long Lost (featuring Active Child)
  • Stranger Love (featuring Sarah Chernoff)
  • I’ll Get You (featuring Jeppe)
  • Supernature
  • Jozi’s Fire
  • Borderline (featuring Jesse Kivel)
Classixx 07/29/2013 (

Classixx 07/29/2013


Like stated in the introduction, I never regretted acquiring Hanging Gardens. I still think it’s an extremely cheerful dance album. Its dance, house and synthpop is like a summer’s breeze and is addictively fun. I would love to see the band in a live setting.

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