Cat Power, 07/10/2019

Cat Power 2019 (

Cat Power 2019

Concert information

Artist Cat Power
Tour name  
Date 07/10/2019
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


It’s always a surprise whether Cat Power is up for the job. It’s ‘hit or miss’. Luckily it was a ‘hit’. She seemed comfortable and sang impeccably. The beautiful setlist made for a couple of moments of goosebumps. My personal favorite Manhattan (off the magnificent Sun) was played. Me Voy was impressive, just like Metal Heart. A beautiful concert, which I witnessed with my entire family. Unfortunately my youngest wasn’t too excited, but the rest was. Cat Power at the top of her game!


He Turns Down / Into My Arms – Dark End of the Street – I Don’t Blame You – I Am Stretched on Your Grave – Horizon / Robin Hood / Nico – Song to Bobby / Me Voy / In Your Face / Great Waves / Metal Heart / White Mustang / Crossbones / Manhattan / Unhate / Good Woman / The Greatest / Wanderer / He Was a Friend of Mine – Shivers

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Cat Power 07/10/2019 (

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