Graham Parker & The Rumour, 06/11/2014

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Artist Graham Parker & The Rumour
Tour name  
Date 06/11/2014
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Bad show, containing too slow non-descript music. In spite of Graham Parker still a great evening ;-).


Fool’s Gold / Hotel Chambermaid / White Honey / Snake Oil Capital of the World / Coathangers / Flying Into London / Howlin’ Wind / Wall of Grace / Live in Shadows / Lady Doctor / Love Gets You Twisted / Stick to Me / Watch the Moon Come Down / Get Started, Start a Fire / Discovering Japan / Nobody Hurts You / Pourin’ It All Out / Local Girls

You Can’t Be Too Strong / Passion Is No Ordinary Word / Don’t Ask Me Questions

Encore 2:
Soul Shoes

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20140611 Graham Parker

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