Fischer-Z, 04/09/2022

2022-04-09 Fischer-Z Special show (

Concert information

Artist Fischer-Z
Tour name Til The Oceans Overflow 2022
Date 04/09/2021
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Prior to the show the band published the following announcement:

The story of 1978-2022 told via the political songs of Fischer-Z (Celebrating ‘Red Skies Over Paradise’) coinciding with the launch of the new Fischer-Z Club. Fischer-Z focused. No gimmicks. It’s about reducing to the essence of Fischer-Z then amplifying it. 28 songs including most of the iconic Fischer-Z classics.

This concert is more than music and it requires the participation of the audience who we are asking to dress for their favourite song. The whole event is being filmed, so come and be part of it. A percentage of profits will be given to the International Red Cross funds who are trying to support civilians suffering from war in Eastern Europe. The audience will also be encouraged to donate directly to the same organisations at the show.

John Watts opened the show by announcing that the songs were to be played in reversed order, meaning from new to old. Barring some highlights the main thing that stood out after the first hour of the show was that the newer songs are no match for the level of the older songs.

But, Watts didn’t disappoint with his enthusiaism and inspiration. With the arrival of One Voice the set of older songs was finally kicked off. Besides a small number of arrangement missteps, the songs were a very nice reminder of the fact that Fischer-Z was one of the more intelligent new-wave bands at the end of 1970s/start of the 1980s.

Was this required listening? No, but it sure was nice. The great reward being that I finally had a concert evening again, following two years of draught: dinner, great company and live music. What more can a man ask for?


Same Boat / Row Boys Row / Damascus Disco / Head On / Sound Of The Western World / Positive Voodoo / Tightrope / Say No / Further From Love / Will You Be There? / Destination Paradise / Human Beings / The Perfect Day / Dark Crowds Of Englishmen / Man In Someone Else’s Skin / One Voice / In England / Berlin / Red Skies Over Paradise / Cruise Missiles / Battalions Of Strangers / The Worker / So Long / Pretty Paracetamol / Remember Russia

Marliese / Limbo / You’ll Never Find Brian Here (snippet) / Rely On Me

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