Raymond van het Groenewoud, 04/11/2022

2022-04-09 Fischer-Z Special show (fischer-z.com)

Concert information

Artist Raymond van het Groenewoud
Tour name Raymond 70
Date 04/11/2021
Venue Paradiso
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Due to Corona this show had been moved no less than 4 times. Originallly planned for April 2nd, 2020, moved to June 20th, 2020, to February 22nd, 2021, to December 20th, 2021, ultimately ending on April 11th, 2022, over 2 years later. The show had a unifying theme, ‘Raymond 70, celebrating Raymond van het Groenewoud’s 70th birthday on February 14th, 2020. Now 72, the Belgian chansonnier and rock star entered the stage and he delivered.

From note one the whole venue was focused, the mood was great. The sound was fantastic, the entire audience kept their mouth shut and just enjoyed the show. There’s no-one I know who is capable of shifting from rock songs to small intimate songs, that truly touch people, so effortlessly as Raymond van het Groenewoud. What stood out for me, but never really noticed before, was Raymond the (solo) guitar player. He magically revealed beautiful solos from his guitar, propelling songs like Twee Meisjes to epic proportions. But as always: with sincere and honest feeling, without false sentiments. The combination left the audience defense-less.

I was there with my youngest son and he was tired, so I only witnessed the first set, but that hour was stunning. If I am to believe the reviews, the rest of the show was just as good and moving as the first half. Raymond 80? I’m there!


First set
Maria, Maria, Ik Hou Van Jou / Geen Ontkomen Aan / Zjoske, Schone Meid / Ze Heeft Geen Stijl / Zij Houdt Van Vrijen / Gelukkig Zijn / Hallelujah, Ze Is Van Mij / Ik Doe Niet Mee / Gewoon In Amsterdam / Omdat Ik Van Je Hou / Twee Meisjes / Machu Picchu (Ik Wil Bij U Zijn) / J’veux D’l’amour / Liefde Voor Muziek

Second set
Brussels By Night / Aan De Meet / Het Is Zo Fijn Wanneer Je Nergens Aan Denkt / Keinijg / Cha Cha Cha / Jouw Liefde / Meisje Van Je Droom / Moedertaal / Wat Een Fijne Dag / L’étranger C’est Mon Ami / Intimiteit / Ik Ben De Man / Bierfeesten (Als Ik Dit Maar Heb)

Op Algemene Aanvraag / Meisjes / Maanlicht

Concert ticket

Raymond van het Groenewoud, 11-04-2022, concertkaartje (apoplife.nl)

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