Kendrick Lamar, 10/07/2022

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Concert information

Artist Kendrick Lamar
Tour name The Big Steppers Tour 2022
Date 10/07/2022
Venue Ziggo Dome
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


I have (almost) never been more up for a show! Could this go wrong? Yes and no. Following the masterful show by Kendrick Lamar in Antwerp on February 27, 2018, Kendrick Lamar was place high on my wish list. I had to see him again. It took more than 4 years to finally be able to do so.

With the start of the support act(s) it was crystal clear the audience was up for it. The passion displayed upon their arrival was amazing. When Kendrick Lamar finally entered the stage the room exploded. Singing, dancing, jumping, it went on for full 2 hours. Lamar was in great form and his raps and lyrics were clearly audible. The opening of the show was spectacular, with the music going straight through the body and Lamar’s presentation impressed deeply. This basically lasted the entire evening. From highlight to highlight.

So, why not 5 stars then? Lamar needs to control the show’s flow. The silence in between songs was too many and too long. Someone must tell Lamar to shorten them, he must avoid the comparison with Michael Jackson, who stood still on stage for minutes on end to let the crowd applaud him. The show gets interrupted too much, losing some of its momentum. It’s unnecessary. Half point deduction.

But, in the end, Kendrick Lamar once again proved why he is the most exciting and innovative artist of today. Masterful!


Savior (Interlude) (tape) / United In Grief / N95 / ELEMENT. / Worldwide Steppers / Backseat Freestyle / Rich Spirit / HUMBLE. / Father Time / m.A.A.d city / We Cry Together (tape) / Purple Hearts / King Kunta / LOYALTY. / Swimming Pools (Drank) / Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe / Die Hard / LUST. / DNA. / Count Me Out / Money Trees / LOVE. / Alright / Mirror / Silent Hill / vent (with Baby Keem) / range brothers (with Baby Keem) / family ties (with Baby Keem) / Crown / Mr. Morale (with Tanna Leone) / Savior

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