Prince, 06/03/1990

Prince 06/03/1990 concert ticket (

4½/5: Topconcert of the (very) sparse Nude tour!

Prince, 06/02/1990

Prince 06/02/1990 concert ticket (

4½/5: Opening of the Nude tour in Rotterdam. Concert was cut short due to torrential rains above De Kuip. I have never had such much fun during a concert!

The Rolling Stones, 05/18/1990

Rolling Stones 05/18/1990 concert ticket (

4½/5: The first time I would see The Rolling Stones. The audience was immensely annoying and agressive, but the show was impressive!

George Clinton, 01/22/1990

No ticket (

4/5: The musicians came and went as they pleased and seemingly played a random instrument which may have been audible or not. A truly magnificent evening!

U2, 12/18/1989

No ticket (

3½/5: The Bono loses his voice show. Good concert.

Lenny Kravitz, 12/13/1989

No ticket (

4½/5: Let Love Rule had just been released and I really wanted to see Lenny Kravitz. This night nothing could beat Lenny Kravitz.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, 08/26/1989

No ticket (

4/5: The band started playing while mrs Joosten was still lecturing the audience. Top mini concert!

Wendy & Lisa, 04/29/1989

No ticket (

4/5: At the time of the show Fruit At The Bottom had recently been released. Concert on Queen’s Day (April 30th was Sunday, so it was moved to the 29th in 1989).

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 10/18/1988

No ticket (

3½/5: Good show by Nick Cave. Back then The Bad Seeds were still possessed. Exciting show.

Prince, 09/09/1988

Prince 09/09/1988 concert ticket (

5/5: This concert was special. One of the best shows I ever witnessed.

Prince, 08/19/1988

Prince 08/19/1988 concert ticket (

5/5: Third of three Prince Lovesexy shows at De Kuip. This night the encore wasn’t played. Candy Dulfer played along and was immediately re-christened Candy D. Topconcert!

Prince, 08/18/1988

Prince 08/18/1988 concert ticket (

5/5: Second of three Prince Lovesexy shows at De Kuip. This night featured a solo piano part by Prince. Topconcert!

Prince, 08/17/1988

Prince 08/17/1988 concert ticket (

5/5: First of three Prince Lovesexy shows at De Kuip. Topconcert!

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, 06/29/1988

Bruce Springsteen 06/29/1988 concert ticket (

5/5: My first Springsteen show. The Tunnel Of Love express tour. From here on out Bruce was one of my favorites.

Pink Floyd, 06/14/1988

Pink Floyd 06/14/1988 concert ticket (

2/5: A somewhat dull show. The band wasn’t very exciting. Comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell were really stunning!