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Black Album (by guest author Edward)

Prince - The Black Album - Header (Edward Gubbels)

Some 35 years ago, a mysterious record was waiting to see the light of day. But it never happened…

Andy Allo debuts on NPG Records with Superconductor

Andy Allo - Superconductor (

The story of Andy Allo, The NPG, Superconductor and Oui Can Luv. Love, music, beautiful shows and passion!

Prince – The 15 most beautiful covers!

Prince - The 15 Most Beautiful Covers Header (

This time the A Pop Life panel pondered the question which Prince cover was the most beautiful of them all and came up with the ultimate list!

The opening of Paisley Park Studios

Paisley Park exterior (

In 1987 the Paisley Park Studios complex was opened in Chanhassen, Minneapolis. It would turn into the main home base for Prince and eventually into his home.

Paisley Park Studios 1988/1990

Prince - Paisley Park Commercial still (

Videos/impressions of Paisley Park Studios from 1988 to 1990, in honour of its opening on September 11, 1987.

FM op 5, Prince & A Pop Life

FM op 5, Prince & A Pop Life (

On July 9th, 2022, I was interviewed by Dutch radio giant Felix Meurders. Topic of the day: the best show I ever witnessed!

Prince – Planet Earth

Prince - Planet Earth (

In 2007 Prince released Planet Earth. Was the album just as good as the preceding 3121, or was it Musicology part 2?

Prince And The Revolution – Live

Prince And The Revolution - Live! - Podcast cover (

In 1985 Prince And The Revolution played to an audience of millions. The audio recordings have been remastered and (finally) released seperately. It’s a beautiful document!

News: Prince and The Revolution: Live | Remixed & Remastered

Prince & The Revolution - Live (

On June 3rd, 2022, the Prince & The Revolution album Live will be released, which was released on video in 1985. Remastered, so including great sound!

Jan Mulder, the Prince columns!

Jan Mulder - The Prince columns (

From 1986 to 1996 Dutch writer Jan Mulder occasionally wrote about Prince. Only available in Dutch.

Prince – The 15 best guitar solos!

Prince - 15 Best Guitar solos - Header (

This time the A Pop Life panel pondered the question which Prince guitar solo was the best of them all and came up with the ultimate list!

Prince’s Controversy: a new breed, stand up, organize!

Prince - Controversy Tour 1981-82 (

In 1981 Prince released his fourth album. Controversy was a remarkable album that kickstarted multiple new developments. A look back.

Prince – Controversy – Press

Prince - Controversy - Press (

Controversy, the album and the tour, were met with great enthusiasm in the press, as was the case with its predecessor Dirty Mind. However, attention in Europe was minimal. A collection of press clippings.

Prince and The Rolling Stones, 1981

Prince and band en route to Rolling Stones show 1981 (

In 1981 Prince played two shows as support act to The Rolling Stones. How did the crowd react to the crossing of new wave and funk?

Prince & The Revolution overwhelm The Netherlands

Prince & The Revolution overwhelm The Netherlands - Header (

On August 18, 1986 I witnessed Prince live for the very first time. I wasn’t prepared for this overwhelming, exciting and pure genius show!