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Mayte also releases an album, Child Of The Sun

Mayte - Child Of The Sun (

In 1995 Mayte released her first (and last) album on NPG Records. The story of that album and her introduction to and departure from Prince’s world.

Prince -The 15 best remixes!

Prince - 15 Best Remixes - Header (

This time the A Pop Life panel pondered the question which Prince remix was the best of them all and came up with the ultimate list!

Prince starts his genius run with the fantastic Dirty Mind

Prince - Paradiso basement May 29th, 1981 (

In 1980 Prince released his third album. Dirty Mind was to be the starting point of the unequalled series of no less than eight consecutive genius albums. The story of Dirty Mind!

Prince – Dirty Mind – Reviews, press & interviews

Prince - Dirty Mind - Reviews, press & interviews (

Dirty Mind, the album and the tour, were lauded by the press. In Europe also, where Prince played his first 3 shows in 1981. A collection of press clippings.

Prince – Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe Edition

Prince - Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe Edition (

The long expected re-release of Prince’s great 1987 album Sign O’ The Times. A review of an impressive release. In one word? Crucial!

At long last Prince’s The Gold Experience is released!

Prince live 1995 (

Finally, The Gold Experience, Prince’s love child sees the light of day. The complete story about an album that sparked controversy. Was it worth it?

Prince – The Gold Experience – The reviews

Prince - The Gold Experience reviews (

How was The Gold Experience received by the press? Pretty mixed it seems. Read the collection of international reviews here on A Pop Life!

Prince – The Gold Experience – Press & interviews

Prince - The Gold Experience - Press & Interviews (

Before the release of The Gold Experience, O(+> had a lot to say and held a number of interviews. The press also tried feverishly to make sense of it all. An overview.

Prince and the failed movie adventure, the story of Graffiti Bridge

Prince - Graffiti Bridge - Steven Parke painting (

In 1990 Prince released Graffiti Bridge, the album and the movie. Billed as a sequel to Purple Rain, the movie was a huge failure. The music was fine though. A look back!

Prince – Theatrical trailer for the movie Graffiti Bridge

Graffiti Bridge - Movie opening sequence (

This article contains the trailer for the movie Graffiti Bridge. The trailer was made for movie theaters all around the world.

Prince – Graffiti Bridge – The reviews

Prince - Graffiti Bridge - Reviews (

A vast collection of reviews for Prince’s Graffiti Bridge, the album and the movie. The press was fairly postive on the album, but destroyed the movie.

Prince’s second Rolling Stone interview, 1990

Prince - Rolling Stone interview 1990 (

In 1990 cracks had started to surface in Prince’s image. Time for another interview, once again with Neal Karlen. A great and beautiful timeframe of Prince, once again, at a crossroad in his career.

The Family, the ultimate Prince satellite project

The Family (

In 1985 The Family, a Prince sattelite act, released their debut. The album was and is a great example of the crossroads Prince found himself at. Impressive and innovative!

News: Sign O’ The Times | Remastered & Expanded

Prince - Sign O’ The Times Super Deluxe Edition (

On September 25th, 2020 the remastered and expanded version of Prince’s Sign O’ The Times will be released. 8 cd’s and 1 dvd filled with pure joy of a masterpiece!

Prince live in 1990, the story of the Nude tour

Prince - Nude Tour - Rotterdam (

On June 2nd, 1990, Prince launched his Nude Tour in Rotterdam. Following two of his most ambitious tours yet, it was time to relax and have some fun. The main goal was to have a party!