Prince, 11/18/2010

Concert information

Artist Prince
Tour name Prince Live 2010
Date 11/18/2010
Venue Gelredome
City Arnhem
Country The Netherlands
Opmerking First part of concert the houselights were up. The ‘regular’ show started when the lights went down.


Extremely good concert. Before the ‘regular’ set Prince played quite a lot of songs with all the house lights still on. A party concert. No 5 stars because of the surroundings (I hate Gelredome as a concert venue…).


Pre-show: Stratus / We Party Hearty / (Theme Song From) Which Way Is Up? / What Have You Done For Me Lately / Partyman / Mountains / Everyday People / I Want To Take You Higher

Kamasutra interlude pre-recorded

Regular show: Uptown / Raspberry Beret / Cream / Cool / Let’s Work / U Got The Look / Shhh / Controversy / Sexy Dancer (instrumental) / Le Freak / A Love Bizarre / Love… Thy Will Be Done / Purple Rain 

Encore 1: 
Kiss / Let’s Go Crazy / Delirious / 1999

Encore 2:
Dance (Disco Heat) / Baby I’m A Star

Encore 3:
Sometimes It Snows In April / Little Red Corvette / The Bird / Jungle Love / The Glamorous Life

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