Spoon, 11/10/2017

Concert information

Artist Spoon 
Tour name  
Date 11/10/2017
Venue Paradiso 
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Spoon wasn’t really convincing at Paradiso which wasn’t sold out. It was all too neat and clean. It had been better if the sound was a bit rougher and louder. Halfway through the band had lost me completely. But when the fire did shine through, they were wonderful. Expected way more.


Do I Have to Talk You Into It / Inside Out / I Turn My Camera On / WhisperI’lllistentohearit / The Beast & Dragon Adored / Don’t You Evah / Do You / Via Kannela / I Ain’t the One / Everything Hits at Once / Can I Sit Next To You / My Mathematical Mind / Don’t Make Me a Target / The Underdog / Got Nuffin / Black Like Me

I Summon You / Metal Detektor / Hot Thoughts / Rent I Pay

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Spoon 11/10/2017 (apoplife.nl)

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