U.K. Subs

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Artist U.K. Subs
Tour name Brand New Age 40 Year Anniversary Tour 2020
Date 02/15/2020
Venue Melkweg – Oude Zaal
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Very entertaining show by U.K. Subs, the band I wrote about just two weeks ago in the article U.K. Subs – Crash Course. The second album Brand New Age was played in full and it took the band about an half an hour. Some extra songs, two encores and within the hour we were leaving the venue. Why take longer when you can say things fast(er)?

The band was tight and 75 (!) year old Charlie Harper looked fit and energetic. His voice is still great and he was obviously having fun. Who doesn’t wanna grow old that way? Great to have been there and to see that there are still punks out there wearing a mowhawk.


You Can’t Take It Anymore / Brand New Age / Public Servant / Warhead / Barbie’s Dead / Organized Crime / Rat Race / Emotional Blackmail / Kicks / Teenage / Dirty Girls / 500cc / Bomb Factory / You Don’t Belong / Limo Life / Keep On Running / Rockers / Tomorrow’s Girls / New York State Police / Disease

Fragile / Riot / Party in Paris

Encore 2:
Stranglehold / Endangered Species

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U.K. Subs 15-02-2020 concertkaartje (apoplife.nl)

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