Sheila E. live in Holland 1984

Sheila E. - Den Bosch - 10/12/1984 (

Sheila E. – Den Bosch, Holland – 10/12/1984

Sheila E. - The Glamorous Life (

This article belongs to the story The Glamorous Life, the complete Sheila E. – Prince story.

Sheila E. promo tour

In 1984 Sheila E. released her debut album The Glamorous Life, followed by selecting musicians for her band in record time, with whom Sheila E. would go out on tour. The October 12, 1984, show in Den Bosch, Holland, was recorded by Dutch network station TROS. The images can be seen (and heard) below. This show was part of the first solo tour, which was supposed to prepare Sheila E. and her band for performing as the support act for Prince’s Purple Rain tour, which would run from November 4, 1984, to April 7, 1985.

Even though the images are a bit blurry at times and the sound is a bit flat, they still provide a fine impression of Sheila E.’s show.

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