Claw Boys Claw – With Love From The Boys

Album data

Artist Claw Boys Claw
Album With Love From The Boys
Year of release 1986


Claw Boys Claw - With Love From The Boys (

Claw Boys Claw – With Love From The Boys


This is a short article and is linked to the ‘big’ article on Claw Boys Claw’s debut album: Shocking Shades Of Claw Boys Claw. So, why this article then?

Because this album, combined with The Fatal FlowersYounger Days, is a primary example of the best Dutch rock of all time. Both albums were released in 1986 and both albums were produced by the English Vic Maile.

But, contrary to Younger Days, this album has never been released on cd and is currently not available on Spotify or other on-line streaming services. A total disgrace.

Update 12/05/2020: that great injustice has been corrected and With Love From The Boys is available on Spotify once again.


All songs written by Claw Boys Claw, except Locomotive Breath (written by Ian Anderson).

  • On the Run
  • Mad Magician
  • Skindeep
  • That’s Life
  • Suzie McKenna
  • Dig It
  • Locomotive Breath
  • Jealous Eyes
  • Last Farewell
  • Ridin’ the Blinds
  • Too Far
  • El Jerko

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