Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis, 03/19/2017

Concert information

Artist Joan As Police Woman 
Tour name Let It Be You
Date 03/19/2017
Venue Melkweg, Oude Zaal
City Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands


Completely overwhelmed by this concert. Joan As Policewoman’s album The Classic is very good, but the cooperation with Benjamin Lazar Davis has led to astounding music. Beautiful, impressive and goosebumps inducing!


Satellite / Magic Lamp / Let It Be You / Candy Guns / Save Me / The Ride / Broke Me In Two / Violent Dove / No It Ain’t Easy / Holy City / Overloaded / We Don’t Own It / Get Direct / Hurts So Bad / Feed The Light / Trojan Horse (song by Cuddle Magic) / The Magic


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Joan As Policewoman 03/19/2017 (

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