Spoon – Hot Thoughts


Spoon - Hot Thoughts titel (youtube.com)

Artist Spoon
Album Hot Thoughts
Year of release 2017



Spoon - Hot Thoughts (youtube.com)

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

If D’Angelo hadn’t released Black Messiah at the end of 2014, Spoon’s 8th album They Want My Soul would have been my album of 2014. An incredible rock album.

Spoon’s ninth is, once again, very good: on March 17th 2017 the new album Hot Thoughts was released. Today it was delivered at my home address. Stunning album!

Completely different from its predecessor and yet it’s Spoon all the way. The album revolves around rhythm, almost dance even. The album is very funky and utilizes more syntheszier and keyboards compared to They Want My Soul. The mixing of rock and dance is not new, but it really works here. The will to do something different and new and the desire to experiment commands respect. The emotional heart of Spoon is still intact, though, for many songs genuinely move. Pink Up is such a song and reminds of the greatest that LCD Soundsystem could produce. The title-song is als an example of how Spoon incorporated dance into its own sound. Surprisingly good!

And yes, the album contains some rock songs, wherein Spoon sounds like Spoon, and yet still fits the (musical) theme of the new album.

Who would have thought that the combination of funk and rock would melt on a Spoon album and that it would be this good? Not me, and yet the proof’s here.

Buy, listen, download! Listen to Spoon’s Hot Thoughts!


  • Hot Thoughts
  • WhisperI’lllistentohearit
  • Do I Have to Talk You Into It
  • First Caress
  • Pink Up
  • Can I Sit Next to You
  • I Ain’t the One
  • Tear It Down
  • Shotgun
  • Us


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