The Family Stand – Moon In Scorpio


Artist The Family Stand 
Album Moon In Scorpio 
Release year 1991 



Unknown, unloved.

This goes for this album too, sadly. A masterpiece from a fantastic band with top singer Sandra St. Victor.

After the second album Chain, which contained the (small) hit Ghetto Heaven, in 1991 this Moon In Scorpio was released. Sales were not as expected, probably due to the eclectic nature of the album. It was too ambitious and creative for the average listener and passed the vast majority of listeners by, except for the critics.

The time of release was awkward: grunge and Nirvana were everywhere, a black rock band already existed (Living Colour) and hip-hop was predominantly into gangsta-rap. This album didn´t fall into one of these categories and, as a result, received very little radio airplay or marketing attention. A great injustice.

The album is greatly varied: soul, (hard) rock, funk, jazz, gospel and hip-hop. It was placed in alliance with Sly & The Family Stone, Prince, Ike & Tina Turner and Mother’s Finest. It provides an idea of what the album sounds like, but it diminishes its value somewhat. Moon In Scorpio is a unique work of art of a unique band.

The exquisite The Education Of Jamie alone makes this album a prized possession. Sandra St. Victor’s voice is phenomenal and heartbreaking. An absolute highlight on this beautiful album.

And then there’s Plantation Radio, a song that actually describes The Family Stand’s unjust fate: no-one knows what to do with bands/songs that don’t fit a certain format, which consequentially means that nothing happens/can de done with music that goes beyond the format.

One of the best albums you (probably) never heard: should you run into a physical copy: buy it! On date of release of this article also available on Spotify.


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