The musical inspiration from my father (by guest author Timur)

APopLife 5 jaar (

Hello all readers of A Pop Life, my name is Timur, Erwin’s son, and this is my story for the 5th anniversary of the site of my father Erwin.

So, I want to tell you how my father got the idea to make his blog and which music he likes and how that also inspired me.

It all started with my father wanting to write stories and his frequent visits to record store Pop-Eye (in Alkmaar, The Netherlands). He is a huge fan of the artist Prince who passed away in 2016. Prince had a song called Pop Life, that’s how my father chose the name A Pop Life for his blog. He doesn’t just like Pop Life, no, he pretty much likes every song by Prince.

Prince - Purple Rain (

And whatever he listened to, I listened to as well, that’s why I know almost everything my father writes about. I started to think I also wanted to write music stories, buuuuut I did something else instead. I immediately thought ‘I don’t have the inspiration for that each and every time’, so I started with writing two stories for the A Pop Life blog, the 1st A Pop Life story is the first story I ever wrote: My favorite music. Soon after I wrote part 2 (My favorite music, part 2).

The first story was inspired by my first ever concert by Doe Maar, and part 2 was inspired by North Sea Jazz in 2016, because that was the first time i went to North Sea Jazz. In the meantime I have visited it 4 times already, unfortunately it was canceled last year due to Corona and this year as well. Sadly, because for me, North Sea Jazz and vacation are usually the highlights of the year. Unfortunately I missed it 2 times in a row, but hopefully better next year.

Those 2 stories (My favorite music and My favorite music, part 2) were also published on my own blog in August 2016. Because my father had a blog and I had written a story for it, which I really liked to do, I wanted my own blog. So I started one, but my subjects aren’t limited to just music. My blog is about everything, I wanted it to be about music, but I don’t get inspiration every time. My first 2 stories were about music, because I also posted the the posts on my father’s blog A Pop Life on my own website. By the way, all readers, check out my own website Timur’s stories (Dutch only).

So, I am very proud of my father for making such a nice blog and posting so many good stories. I hope you all have enjoyed this (which you probably have).



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    • Paula on 07/02/2021 at 12:34 AM
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    Wow Timur (beautiful name btw) What a great read was this. I truly admire your enthusiasm and respect for your dad’s work. Thank you for sharing. I sure will visit your blog (I’m Dutch too) I’m the owner of a Prince community group with your dad as a respected member and he’s a sweet purple friend of mine as well.. I share your love and interest for Doe Maar, and absolutely for North Sea Jazz I truly miss so much since corona came to mess things up. Hopefully we soon can go back to our normal lives and and pleasures again. Thanks again for the wonderful read!!! Your dad must be very proud of you as well! 🙂

    1. Dankjewel dat je mijn blog bezoekt je zal geen spijt krijgen!

    2. Thank you so much Paula!

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