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Prince, 07/10/2011

Prince 07/09/2011 concert ticket (

5/5: The day after the disappointing opening show Prince had to make things right and he delivered: opening with Joy In Repetition followed by The Love We Make. A marvellous experience!

Prince, 07/09/2011

Prince 07/08/2011 concert ticket (

3/5: This concert was the first of three NSJ shows and was marred by real awful, even ugly, sound and an uninspired setlist.

Prince, 11/18/2010

Prince 11/18/2010 concert ticket (

4/5: Extremely good concert. Before the ‘regular’ set Prince played quite a lot of songs with all the house lights still on. A party concert.

Prince, 11/08/2010

Prince 11/08/2010 concert ticket (

5/5: The regular setlist was thrown out the window and the first song played was an extremely funky Controversy. One of the most special Prince evenings of my life!

Prince, 07/10/2010

Prince 07/10/2010 concert ticket (

4/5: Nice show, that took some time to get into full swing. The last encore in particular was great.

Prince, 11/03/2002

NPG Music Club (

5/5: Aftershow by Prince that ended strangely, but contained a number of gems, like the opening jam and an exquisite extremely funky I Know You Got Soul.

Prince, 11/02/2002

Prince 11/02/2002 concert ticket (

4/5: A number of great surprises (Don’t Play Me and The Ride) at the soundcheck and the concert. Very good.

Prince, 10/18/2002

Prince 10/18/2002 concert ticket (

5/5: Top concert and top soundcheck. Definite highlight of this tour (for me). One of the most special concert experiences of my life!

Prince, 10/15/2002

Prince 10/15/2002 concert ticket (

Very impressive show with an even more impressive band!

The Artist, 12/28/1998

Artist 12/28/1998 concert ticket (

5/5: This show clearly showed Prince felt ‘something’ towards his Belgian audience. He was up for it and it showed.

The Artist, 12/23/1998

Artist 12/23/1998 concert ticket (

3½/5: Good show in an environment where concerts shouldn’t be organized.

The Artist, 08/23/1998

The Artist 08/23/1998 concert ticket (

4½/5: Good inspired show by Prince in a very atmospheric Zürich.

Emancipation? No, thank u!

1996: Emancipation has just been released. I post this review in newsgroup Nice to re-read this after all those years!

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, 03/27/1995

Prince Paradiso 2 03/26/1995 concert ticket (

5/5: Aftershow. The only time I bought tickets on the black markets (5 times the original ticket price). Top night, during which Prince’s spirits were genuinely lifted by the audience.

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, 03/26/1995

Prince Paradiso 1 03/25/1995 concert ticket (

5/5: Aftershow. Never before did I stand so close to the stage at Paradiso. Funky, funky, funky, this show was funky.