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Lianne La Havas (by guest author Timur)

Timur bought the Lianne La Havas cd (

My 11 year old son is crazy about Lianne La Havas’ music. So much so that he wrote a story about her on his blog. He luckily agreed to publsih it here as well. Have fun!

Joy And Pain, the story of Maze

Maze - Joy And Pain (

In 1980 Maze release their fourth album, the exquisite Joy And Pain. A look back at the album and the career of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly!

Sufjan Stevens releases his beautiful and moving Illinois

Sufjan Stevens 2005 (

In 2005 Sufjan Stevens impresses music lovers around the world with the stunningly beautiful and impressive Illinois. A true masterpiece that will never lose its magic.

Emotional Rescue, the forgotten Rolling Stones album

The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue vinyl (

In 1980 The Rolling Stones released the album (and single) Emotional Rescue. The album tends to be overlooked. Unjustly so. The story of a forgotten album.

Neil Young – Homegrown

Neil Young - Homegrown (

Another great release in Neil Young’s ongoing Archives series, the previously unreleased 1975 album Homegrown. An impressive piece of music history.

The first posthumous Joy Division release: Love Will Tear Us Apart

In June 1980 Joy Division was no more. Just one month earlier the future seemed bright, but it all changed on May 18th, 1980. The band’s first release since that date was the haunting Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Run The Jewels – RTJ4: tribute to victims, protestors and activists

Run The Jewels - RTJ4 (

The release of RTJ4 came earlier than planned. A great move, because this album is very much needed. The shocking events in the US need perspective. Run The Jewels provide that in an impressive way!

Prince – Nude Tour – The reviews

Prince - Nude Tour - Reviews (

Prince’s 1990 Nude Tour received heavy press coverage. No unanimous praise this time, but disappointment and admiration went hand in hand. A selection of reviews.


David Bowie - LIVEANDWELL.COM - 2020 cover (

In 1999 BowieNet members received the first Bowie internet CD, in part compiled by members themselves. In 2020 it was made available for everybody to enjoy and listen to!

Devo’s third (and best?) album, Freedom Of Choice

Devo - Freedom Of Choice - Poster (

In 1980 Devo released their third album. Freedom Of Choice saw the band taking a new turn which obviously connected to people. It was to be the band’s biggest succes, one that unfortunately wouldn’t be replicated.

Linton Kwesi Johnson’s masterpiece Bass Culture

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture (

Linton Kwesi Johnson’s third album Bass Culture appeared in 1980. An impressive and rather depressing report on immigrant life in England. Read the complete story!

The Cure surprises with the sublime Seventeen Seconds

The Cure - A Forest (7 en 12 inch) (

In 1980 The Cure released their second album, Seventeen Seconds, the real beginning. The story behind the album and its subsequrent tour.

Prince creates psychedelic funk on Around The World In A Day

Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day - Album cover print proof (

In 1985 Prince released the impressive Around The World In A Day. The complete story on an album that above everything else should not be Purple Rain Part II.

Prince – Around The World In A Day – The reviews

Prince And The Revolution - Around The World In A Day reviews (

Five contemporary reviews of Prince’s seventh album Around The World In A Day, which was released on April 22nd, 1985. Mixed reviews on a superb album.

Romanthony – R.Hide In Plain Site

Romanthony - R.Hide In Plain Site (

The story on the album R.Hide In Plain Site by Romanthony. A look back and tribute to the career of the original dance producer Romanthony, that was tragically cut short.