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Erwin Barendregt, owner of A Pop Life (.nl) blog. Subtitle My life with music show the reason behind blog-subjects. Personal stories and preferences are the main subject for the posts and reviews on this blog. Erwin is a passionate musiclover and can frequently be found in concert venues in Holland, and is a person who lacks the stamina/talent to be a musician himself :-).

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Newpower Soul: music by New Power Generation or Prince/The Artist?

New Power Generation - Newpower Soul (

In 1998 the Newpower Soul album was released by New Power Generation. But, isn’t it just another Prince album? A look back.

De Kuip: 45 years of concerts

Stadion Feyenoord - Concert map (

Because of the 45 year jubilee of the Rotterdam De Kuip stadium as a concert venue, a short look back at the shows I witnessed there.

The System and the emoto-electro of Sweat

The System - Sweat (

In 1983 The System debuted with the album Sweat. A unique combination of electro and emotion. The full story.

Peter Gabriel Plays Live

Peter Gabriel - Play Live full photo (

In 1983 Peter Gabriel releases his first live album: Plays Live. A look back at an essential album in Gabriel’s body of work.

The Smashing Pumpkins and the underrated Adore

The Smashing Pumpkins 1998 (

After reaching world domination The Smashing Pumpkins continued their career with the release of Adore, an album that was nothing like they had done before. A look back.

Malcolm McLaren mixes world music with hip-hop: Duck Rock

Malcolm McLaren 1983 (

On May 27, 1983, Malcolm McLaren released his first solo album, a highly innovative album that brought hip-hop and world music together. The story of Duck Rock.

The complete Liquid Liquid story: Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon

Liquid Liquid - Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon (

In 2008 the compilation Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon was released, a look back on the short, yet influential career of Liquid Liquid (1981-1983).

10 Royalty Songs

Willem Alexander on stage with Dutch DJ's and Maxima in Chicago 2015 (

King’s Day in The Netherlands. A great occasion to compile a ‘royalty’ list. This is a 100% random list and could have been 10 times as long. Please, feel free to add to the list!

Timbuk3 – Eden Alley

Timbuk3 - Eden Alley (

Timbuk3 and their second album Eden Alley. The story of an undervalued album and an underrated band. A look back.

Japan and the story of Adolescent Sex

Japan - Adolescent Sex (

In 1978 Japan debuted with Adolescent Sex, an album the band seemed to be ashamed of later on. Rightfully so? A look back.

Yes Sir, I Will: Crass on its way out

Crass - Live Cumbria May 1984 (

In March 1983 Crass released one of the most unlistenable albums of all time: Yes Sir, I Will. And yet, it was still impressive. The complete story!

Roxy Music also convinces with the second album: For Your Pleasure

Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure - Poster (

Early 1973 Roxy Music released their second album. Nowadays, many regard it as their best album. A look back on an impressive sequel to an already amazing debut.

Birthday gifts

Prince singing Happy Birthday to Cat at Camden Palace London on July 26 1988 (

Through the years I have been given many (musical) presents for my birthday. My sincere gratitude to all who have blessed me with their gifts!

Tears For Fears – The Hurting

Tears For Fears - The Hurting (

In 1983 Tears For Fears released their debut album. The story of ‘primal scream’, unexpected success and sincere emotion.

Frank Zappa at the Hammersmith Odeon London 1978

Frank Zappa - Hammersmith Odeon (

In 1978 Frank Zappa performed in London. The recordings were released posthumously on his 70th birthday. Another impressive release!