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Sylvian & Sakamoto release the beautiful Bamboo Houses & Bamboo Music!

Sylvian & Sakamoto - Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music (maxisingle) (discogs.com/apoplife.nl)

In 1982 David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto released their first joint single. Exciting and subtle: Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music!

My 10 favorite soundtracks

Which soundtracks have I listened to the most and are among my favorites? From Saturday Night Fever to Twin Peaks: the world of the soundtrack!

Music morning opening junior highschool

In 1983 the music lessons were altered: pop-music was treated seriously and we were allowed to bring our own music to school!

The best 12-inches

The medium 12-inch or maxi-single became hugely popular during the 1980’s. It created some beautiful music. A (small) inventory.